Trupti Desai
Trupti Desai


Trupti Desai Who Is Visiting Sabarimala Temple On November 16, Asks Kerala Govt For Protection, Says Not Returning Without Entering Sanctum Sanctorum

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • Desai has asked for security as she and her group plans to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the Sabarimala Temple on November 16
  • She has said she fears violence during her visit to the temple

With the Sabaraimala Temple opening its doors on November 16, Trupti Desai, leader of the Bhoomata Brigade, has asked the Kerala government to provide her with security measures during her stay in the state, as herself and six other women will be going to the Sabarimala Temple. She has said that she fears violence from the protestors.

Desai has asked for security as her group plans to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the Temple. She has said that her group's intention is to only fight gender inequality and not hurt the sentiments of the devotees.

She has said that she has received death threats saying, "If you ever come to Kerala, you will be cut into pieces, you will be murdered, when you come to Kerala we will commit suicide."She has said that  she has suffered mental agony due to the abuse she has faced over her stand on the issue."

She has said that she and her group are not planning to leave the state, adding that they will never leave the state until they are able to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the Temple. 

"We will never buy return ticket of Kerala, never leave Kerala," she said. 

Desai and the six women will be coming on November 16 as the Temple reopens for Mandala-Makaravilaku season. 

Desai has also asked the government to pay her lodging, food and travel bills during her stay in the state.

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The Supreme Court on September 28 passed a judgement ending the centuries old practice of banning women of ages 10 to 51.

On October 2, days after the ruling, a huge campaign took place against the women who tried to enter the Temple. Not a single woman has been able to enter the Temple since the ruling. 

Recently, on November 13, the SC allowed hearing of a batch of review petitions regarding Sabarimala Temple. Although it has refused to stay its verdict allowing women of all ages to enter the Temple.

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