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'Victory Guaranteed': MK Stalin Directs Cadres To Be Vigilant Until Full Vote Count

MK Stalin, the chief of DMK, on Sunday asked the in-charge of the counting centers to be vigilant, and not leave the premises until the counting was over.

MK Stalin


As the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam leads in Tamil Nadu, party chief MK Stalin on Sunday, in order to avoid any malpractices in the counting, issued directions to the in-change of the counting centres. He directed them to stay 'vigilant', and not come out of the counting centres until results were declared for Assembly Elections 2021. 

"Reports suggest that the DMK alliance parties are leading in the majority constituency and moving towards victory.  The final results are to start coming from the evening of each block but it has been confirmed that the DMK is the one to form the government. In this situation, our administrators and officials in the counting centres should monitor the number of votes with utmost vigilance, he said. Directing them not to leave the counting centres till the full ballot count is over, he added, "Contact the leadership immediately if for any reason there is a delay in issuing the certificate of success.''

While pointing out that the success of the party is guaranteed, he asserted that there is going to be no post-victory celebration. Citing COVID as the reason, he said, "I had already issued a statement saying that success celebrations should be avoided. It should not be the cause of contagion and spread.''

DMK Trumps AIADMK-BJP alliance?

In the fight for power between the AIADMK-led alliance and the DMK-lead alliance, the victory of the DMK-led alliance seems more than likely, unless some miracle takes place. In the elections that took place in a single phase on April 6, the incumbent ruling party in Tamil Nadu and the 'big brother' of the NDA alliance in the southern state, squared off against a determined DMK eyeing to return to power after losing two elections straight.

The exit polls had predicted the DMK-led alliance to win 160-170 seats, as against the AIADMK-led NDA alliance which was projected to win 58-68 seats, and the same now seems to come true, with the latest trend showing, DMK-led alliance leading on 153 seats against the AIADMK-alliance, which is leading over 83 seats.

If the DMK-led alliance wins, MK Stalin would become the Chief Minister of the State for the first time. 


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