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200 UP Police Personnel Undergo NSG-Style Training Ahead of Ram Mandir Security Takeover in Ayodhya

UP Police underwent NSG-style training for Ayodhya Ram temple security, prioritising counterterror capabilities in preparation for the takeover from CRPF.

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Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) | Image:X

Ayodhya: Around 200 Uttar Pradesh police personnel have undergone specialised training in counterterror operations by the National Security Guard (NSG) to ensure the security of the upcoming Ayodhya Ram temple, media reports stated. Officials from the NSG have confirmed that these commandos have been equipped with skills in counterterror, room intervention, hostage rescue, motorcade operations, and personnel security.

Why is NSG-style training needed for UP Police?

Scheduled to take over from the CRPF around January 22, the day of the consecration ceremony at the grand temple, these newly trained forces are expected to play a crucial role in safeguarding the Ram Mandir. The NSG-trained commandos have been specifically prepared to handle various scenarios, including localising intruders to specific areas to prevent extensive damage.

Considering previous incidents, it was noted that during the attack on the Akshardham temple in Gujarat, security forces faced challenges in localising the terrorists. In response to this lesson, the UP police has undergone training by the NSG to proficiently contain intruders, thus minimising the potential for widespread chaos.


While central forces typically assume the responsibility of guarding sensitive sites like the Ram Mandir, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has expressed full confidence in the state police and the Special Security Force created by Uttar Pradesh Police. Drawing a parallel with the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, officials highlighted the success of a local Maharashtra constable in apprehending the notorious terrorist Ajmal Kasab.

Explaining the necessity for NSG-style commando training, another official said that the threat perception in Ayodhya prompted the UP police to prioritise a counterterror force over a static duty force like the CISF, which is specialised in guarding vital installations.


The training initiative commenced with the first batch of 50 UP police personnel receiving training from the NSG over the last fortnight as part of its capacity-building program. Subsequently, an additional 200 constables, head constables, sub-inspectors, and inspectors, all under the age of 35, underwent specialised training.

UP Police Readies for Ayodhya Ram Mandir’s Security

Under the counterterror training, commandos received specific instruction for Quick Response Teams (QRT), motorcade operations, VIP evacuation strategies, and precision shooting with small calibre weapons. Officials highlighted the importance of small arms in crowded places like temples, where the risk of stray bullets causing harm is higher.

In addition to their counterterror roles, the UP police personnel will also be responsible for access control, visitor frisking, and perimeter security at the soon-to-be-inaugurated temple complex. The CRPF, which has been overseeing perimeter security based on a Supreme Court order, will be relieved by the special UP police force ahead of the consecration ceremony.


Furthermore, officials revealed that the UP police is gearing up to eventually take over the security of not only the temple complex but also all vital installations in the holy town of Ayodhya, showcasing a comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety and security of the region.


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