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AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan Politicises Son's Brawl, Says Won't Get Justice in BJP-Led Govt

Delhi AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, on Tuesday, criticised the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh after his son allegedly thrashed a petrol pump staff.

Reported by: Radhika Dhawad
Amanatullah Khan | Image:ANI

Noida: Delhi AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, on Tuesday, criticised the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh after his son allegedly thrashed a petrol pump staff earlier in the day for not surrendering to his demand. Trouble mounted for Khan and his son after the latter allegedly abused and thrashed a staff working at a petrol pump near Mahamaya Bridge in Sector 95 at Noida with an iron rod. Based on the CCTV footage, an FIR was filed against his son for allegedly thrashing the staff.

 As per the CCTV footage, Khan's son was allegedly seen thrashing people who were queued up before him. As per the complainant, Khan allegedly attacked him because he wanted to fuel his car first. 

While speaking exclusively with Republic TV's reporter about the incident, Khan said, "You must watch the entire CCTV footage to know the actual story." 

Khan Cries Foul


Khan, while refuting the allegations against his son, stated that the police in Noida took one-sided action against him. He said, "Cops are not showing the misbehaviour meted out to my son. What happened to him was also wrong. He was held captive; they called me up and asked me to come to the spot. I put an end to the controversy so where did the question of FIR arise then?"

When asked about his son thrashing an employee with an iron rod, Khan quipped, “You must check the CCTV.”


Khan Drags BJP in Controversy

Khan further claimed that his son would not get justice in the BJP-led government in the state. He said, “Sahab, aap ko ummed hai BJP sarkar me insaaf hume milega? (Sir, do you hope we will get justice in this BJP-led government?”


#BREAKING | AAP MLA Amanatullah's son thrashes petrol pump staff in Noida, incident caught on cam 


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What Exactly Transpired?

The MLA's son who was accompanied by some of his friends arrived at the petrol pump in a car. However, an altercation broke out between the MLA's son and a pump employee, which further escalated into a physical altercation between the two. 


Reportedly, the MLA's son broke the queue demanding the employees fuelled up his car first. The MLA's son got enraged after the employee refused to obey him thus leading to a confrontation. Soon after, the AAP MLA arrived at the spot, who as per the complainant, too threatened him. A case was also registered against Khan after the complainant alleged that the former threatened cops at the petrol pump. 

Videos Go Viral


Two videos of the entire episode have gone viral on social media. While one video shows the MLA's son assaulting a petrol pump employee, the other shows Khan speaking with two policemen at the petrol pump.


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