Updated January 6th, 2024 at 20:06 IST

Abhijeet told Divya he would divorce his wife for her: Deceased Divya Pahuja's sister told Republic

Pahuja's sister told Republic that Divya wasn't in a relationship with Abhijeet and was hesitant to talk to him.

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Pahuja's sister told Republic Divya wasn't in a relationship with Abhijeet and was hesitant to talk to him. | Image:X / @DeshrajH

New Delhi: Divya Pahuja, 27, a former model, was taken to Hotel City Point on Tuesday by five people and allegedly shot dead inside room number 111.

Republic spoke to Divya’s family who made startling claims against the main accused Abhijeet in the case. Pahuja’s sister spoke to Republic in an exclusive conversation and said that Divya was not in a relationship with Abhijeet and was reluctant to speak to him. However, Abhijeet kept calling her and told her that he is in a depressed condition and will soon divorce his wife for her. 


Speaking with five members of Divya's family, Republic learned that they still haven't received the body after five days. 

Divya’s sister revealed that she last spoke to her on January 2 at 11:50 am. She further said after Divya went missing, the family tracked Abhijeet’s home and went there. They confronted Abhijeet about Divya. 


The family members also told the Republic that Divya left home on January 2 with a smiling face and that there is foul play involved in the Divya’;s death 

The pertinent question remained that how long will it take to find the body of Divya Pahuja’s body.


 The body of ex-model Divya Pahuja was lying in room number 111 at a Gurugram hotel when a police team visited the hotel after receiving a phone call, but it returned after checking room number 114, news agency PTI reported citing police sources on Friday.

Although Pahuja's body has not yet been found, police said that a three-person Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police Crime Varun Dahiya was established on Friday to look into the matter. Vijay Pratap Singh, deputy commissioner of police crime, will oversee the team's operations.




Published January 6th, 2024 at 20:06 IST