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Adorable Video Of Baby Elephant Showing Off Her Bathing skills In A Bathtub Goes Viral | WATCH

Viral Video: A very lovely video shows a baby elephant having fun in a little bathtub, floating in the water, and kicking up a leg.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Elephant Bathing Video | Image:X

Viral: Elephant babies are among the most adorable animals ever born. They seem to be very affectionate, large, and adorable. Is there anything more charming than that?  Elephant babies getting their very first baths seems to be the only thing that could be better than that. Looking for a great video to lift your spirits after a rough day? Look no further—this one will make you smile. A newborn elephant is shown in the video, which was shared on Twitter, enjoying his bath. Without a doubt, the video is adorable and will have you saying "so cute" again and over.

A Beautiful Video

A baby elephant is shown inside a blue bathtub that is filled with water in the opening scene of the video. The elephant immerses itself in the water and enjoys its bath as the video continues. It was uploaded on February 12th. Since then, it has received over 50,000 views, and the figure keeps rising. Numerous people even left their opinions in the comments area.

Elephant Displaying Bathing Skills

Videos of animals are something we all love to watch. It would be accurate to state that these kinds of videos contribute to a better world. And we can simply access these kinds of clips because of the Internet. A very lovely video shows a baby elephant having fun in a little bath, floating in the water, and kicking up a leg. The baby elephant displayed her bathing skills in the video. 

The specific location of these elephants' home isn't specified, but it looks like they are in some sort of sanctuary because they seem to be at ease with people and have large pens to keep them contained. Since many elephant populations are in risk of extinction, sanctuaries play a crucial role in preserving the health, happiness, and survival of any remaining elephants. Both injured and orphaned elephants that have lost their parents to poaching are given care and a home in sanctuaries. 


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