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Double Whammy: Amid Heat Wave, Water Supply to Get Affected in Parts of Delhi

The areas which were earlier getting water twice a day will now only get water once a day. This comes as Delhi is reeling under heat wave.

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Amid Heat Wave, Parts of South Delhi to Bear Brunt as Govt ‘rationalises’ Water Supply | Image:Social Media

New Delhi: Amid the reports of continuous decline in the water level of Yamuna in Delhi, several parts of the city will face water scarcity in the coming days as the govt is planning to implement a slew of measures including rationalising supply of water. The areas which were earlier getting water twice a day will now only get water once a day. This comes as Delhi is reeling under heat wave.

The areas that are expected to get affected include parts of south Delhi namely Greater Kailash, Chittaranjan Park, Lajpat Nagar, Hauz Khas, Panchsheel Park and adjoining areas. According to sources, these areas will get water supply once a day till the supply situation improves.


Water Crisis in Delhi

The national capital, which once set the target of supplying 24x7 water to residents, is now facing a severe water crisis.


While addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Delhi water minister Atishi said, "I know that where water is being supplied twice a day, people will be troubled if it is cut off for once a day, but I appeal to all Delhiites that we should not think only about ourselves. We should think about everyone."

Parts of North and South West Delhi such as the areas of Mehrauli and Chattarpur are also facing water scarcity this summer.


Atishi on Tuesday accused the Haryana govt of not releasing Delhi's share of water since May 1. The reduction in supply has caused the level of water to continuously fall at the Wazirabad water treatment plant. 

"Haryana has stopped release of Delhi's share of water. The water level at Wazirabad was 674.5 feet on May 1. This is the average level that should be maintained. Last year in April, May, and June, the minimum level was maintained at 674.5 feet," news agency PTI quoted Atishi as saying.
Sharing data, the minister said till May 8, the water level at Wazirabad came down to 672 feet and by May 20 it was at 671 feet and on Tuesday, it declined further to 669.8 feet. 


May Have to Issue Challans for Excess Use of Water: Atishi

When the amount of raw water decreases, the quantity that the treatment plants (WTP) produce, and the water distributed across the city also decrease.
The minister also appealed to people use water efficiently and not to wash vehicles with water pipes in order to conserve water, "We may have to issue challans for excess use of water if people do not heed to this public appeal. Misuse of water is highly irresponsible," she said.


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