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As BJP Fulfils Ram Mandir Promise, INDIA bloc and Congress Engage in Credit War

The BJP has fulfilled its promise of the Ram Mandir, leading to a debate on who deserves credit.

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As BJP fulfils Ram Mandir promise, INDIA bloc and Congress engage in credit war | Image:@ShriRamTeerth

Delhi: While the BJP has fulfilled its promise of the Ram Mandir, leading to a debate on who deserves credit, Opposition argues that the BJP should not be credited, asserting it was a manifesto promise delivered, the BJP insists that the credit is rightfully theirs. The contrasting perspectives between the BJP and the Opposition on the issue of crediting the Ram Mandir construction highlight the ongoing debate in India. 

However, NCP supremo and member of the INDIA bloc Sharad Pawar believed that former Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi had laid the foundation stone of the Ram Mandir back in the 1990s. Pawar said, "Shilanyas' for Ram Mandir at Ayodhya was conducted when Rajiv Gandhi was the country's prime minister and the BJP and RSS are doing politics on the issue." Similarly, the INDIA bloc too has been slamming the BJP for taking undue credit for the historic temple.


The BJP, as a political party, has consistently advocated for the construction of the Ram Mandir.  They have often emphasized their commitment to this cause in their party manifestos. Many BJP leaders and supporters credit the party for the fulfilment of this promise. The RSS, with close ideological ties to the BJP, has been actively involved in the campaign for the construction of the Ram Mandir and some supporters also attribute the success to the efforts and persistence of the RSS.

Various Hindu organisations and spiritual leaders have played a significant role in advocating for the construction of the Ram Mandir. Some credit is given to the broader Hindu community and the saints who have championed the cause. 


Speaking about the ongoing credit war, senior BJP leader Uma Bharti told ANI, "This movement lasted over five centuries. It was the only such movement in the country, which was carried forward over 500 years, and ended up being successful. No one should get sole credit for it. So, I feel that the credit first and foremost should be given to those who brought down the (Babri) mosque. No survey would have been possible had that structure had not been brought down. The survey took place and the Supreme Court accepted its findings."



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