Updated April 1st, 2024 at 15:01 IST

Bengaluru Doctor Takes Stand Against HDFC's Persistent Loan Spam Calls, Sparks Social Media Outcry

Bengaluru doctor frustrated with HDFC spam calls for loans; social media outcry prompts response from bank representative.

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Bengaluru Doctor Takes Stand Against HDFC's Persistent Loan Spam Calls | Image:Unsplash

Bengaluru: Spam calls are one of those things that are annoying to everyone. And new news has been registered in this series when a doctor from Bengaluru slammed HDFC on X (formerly Twitter) when his phone was flooded with spam calls for loans. He wrote a post on the social media platform X where he wrote about the situation. Dr. Sundar Sankaran, who is working as a program director at the Aster Institute of Renal Transplantation, called the callers “a nuisance” and also showed his anger after he got calls from different numbers. He said he blocked some of the numbers, but after blocking, he got calls from otter numbers. 

''HDFC loan requirement callers have become a nuisance and if you get angry with them you are pestered with more calls despite blocking. Today after one caller got fired by me another caller claiming to be the manager. HDFC wanted to know why I was rude. Looked like spam calls but HDFC has to act and investigate,'' he wrote on X.


Moreover, he shared the other phone numbers from where he was receiving the spam calls for bank loans. 


One HDFC representative replied to Dr Sankaran in his post: "Hi Sundar, sorry to hear about your experience. Please DM us the caller details and your contact number on which the call was received for better assistance," said Anay, an HDFC service manager. 

Although he said that he has complained about such calls, he received “verbose, non-sensical” replies from the other side. 

People in the comment section replied and related to the problem. 


One user wrote, “Best is to report them via DND app. For every complain there is update on action taken by authority. Spam call frequency also gets reduced significantly. Additionally, politely requesting caller to not call anymore also works.”

Another one said, “I totally agree they talk about avoiding spam calls they themselves call go many times and enter the spammers list. If we need a loan we will call them, they need not call repeatedly and trouble us.”


A third person gave a trick and said, “Sundar best thing is don't answer the calls of unknown numbers. Sometimes I send an sms, “I don't recognise your number, send me a message”..No response after that.”


Published April 1st, 2024 at 15:01 IST