Updated April 27th, 2024 at 17:05 IST

Bengaluru's Work-Life Juggle: Woman Attends Meeting in Traffic Jam

In Bengaluru, a woman showcases work-life balance by attending a meeting while stuck in traffic, sparking viral debate and reactions

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Bengaluru's Work-Life Juggle: Woman Attends Meeting in Traffic Jam | Image:X: @Sun46982817Shan

Bengaluru, the tech hub of India and a dream city of many youngsters often reports the so-called “Peak Bengaluru” moment. Apart from this the city is also known for the pleasant weather. We have seen many times in video that people are attending meeting calls in trains, metro or while being in the traffic. And now a new viral video has emerged from the city in which a woman is showcasing the work life balance. This viral video has been making rounds on the internet and also started debate on the traffic of Bengaluru. 


The woman can be seen attending a meeting while she was stuck in the traffic. The video shows that the woman had attached her phone to the scooter handle with a phone mount and was waiting for the signal to turn green. 

Watch the video:

The video was shared by an X user and the caption of the video says, 

“Works on the road too


What else is done?

That's right


Check the signal

Why are you looking at me?”



People’s Reactions in the comments:

People in the comments always have hilarious takes on things. And this “peak Bengaluru” also got reactions from the social media users. 



One user said, “Obviously how else will she hit that 70 hours.”



Another user said, “This i do everyday.” 



“Bengaluru is no place for the novices,” titled someone. 


Published April 27th, 2024 at 17:05 IST