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Big Blunders by Pune Police In Porsche Clash Case of Super Brat Running Over 2 Techies | 5 Points

Several alleged lapses in the police probe into Porsche crash case have come to the fore with allegations of intended delay in the medical test of the accused.

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Big Blunders by Pune Police In Porsche Clash Case of Super Brat Running Over 2 Techies | 5 Points | Image:Republic

Pune: In the high-profile case of the Porsche crash that triggered a nationwide outrage over the killing of two techies by a drunk 17-year-old super brat, several alleged lapses in the police investigation have come to the fore with allegations of intended delay in the medical test of the accused. 

Amid reports of the teen being served Pizzas and Burgers in the police custody, several alleged that preferential treatment was given to the accused by the cops. The sources claimed that medical test of the accused, who allegedly consumed alcohol before the accident, was delayed purposely. 


The Porsche crash that occured in Pune's Kalyani Nagar area killed two young IT professionals and drawn nationwide scrutiny of the police handling of the case. 

Pune Porsche Crash: Lapses in Probe 

  1. The sources earlier claimed that a Police Inspector and Assistant Police Inspector of the Yerwada Police Station, where the accused was taken after the accident, failed to inform the control room after they reached the spot hours after the Porsche crash. Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami highlighted the lapse in an exclusive interview with Pune Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar. Days after it was highlighted, Police Inspector Rahul Jagdale and Assistant Police Inspector Vishwanath Todkari were suspended for not following the protocol of informing their superiors on night duty about the case.
  2. The accident occured at around 2:15 am on Sunday, May 19 and the accused along with his two friends were handed over to the cops by the local crowd. However, sources claimed that the blood sample of the accused minor, who was allegedly driving the Porsche under the influence of alcohol, were not taken until 11 am the next morning. Experts raised concerns that the purposely delay could have diluted the blood alcohol level. According to the law, an accused ought to be taken for a medical test as soon the person is taken into the police custody after the crime. 
  3. The police officials claimed that didn't find CCTV clip of one of the bars. Had the officials visited the bar during the time of the incident, they might have found some concrete evidence as substance against the accused. 
  4. Several raised the allegations that the accused teenager got preferential treatment while in the police custody after the crime. Pune CP Amitesh Kumar claimed that an ACP rank officer has launched an inquiry into the allegations, including that the minor received pizza at the police station. “We have clearly said that a pizza party didn't happen in the police station. But yes, something had happened for which we have initiated an internal investigation,” Amitesh Kumar said. 
  5. The Pune top cop claimed that the 17-year-old ‘rich brat’ was in his ‘full senses’ while driving the Porsche that killed two and attempts were made to frame that teen was not driving the car by pinning the blame on the driver. Accepting lapses on the part of some cops while registering the case, Kumar said, “We will take action under Section 201 (destruction of evidence) against those persons who tried to show that the accused juvenile was not driving the car and some adult driver was behind the wheels.” 



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