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Bihar Diwas 2024: Date, theme, History and Significance

Bihar Diwas is celebrated on March 22 to commemorate the formation of the state of Bihar. Explore its history, theme and significance.

Reported by: Navya Dubey
Bihar Diwas 2024 | Image:Republic

Bihar: Bihar has completed 112 years since its establishment today. Bihar Diwas is celebrated on March 22. In 1912, Bihar-Odisha Province was declared with Bihar as its capital, separating from Bengal. In 2024, Bihar Day will mark 112 years since its establishment.  

In Bihar, a public holiday has been declared for today in the whole state. All government offices, schools, banks, and other places will be closed. In this Bihar Diwas 2024, the goal is to make people proud of Bihar and all it has to offer.  


History of Bihar Diawas  

The first Bihar Diwas happened in 2010. It was set up to remember Bihar becoming a state 111 years before that. To celebrate the occasion, the state government organized many cultural events, including music, dance performances, and vibrant parades.  



Bihar Diwas is celebrated for showing its rich legacy, culture, and traditions. On this day, Biharis reflect on their state's rich history, cultural heritage, and the contributions of Bihar's leaders to nation-building. Bihar Diwas is a vibrant celebration filled with cultural events. On this day, educational institutions and public spaces celebrate with a variety of programs. From folk dances to seminars, local people and distinguished guests participate in these events, making Bihar Diwas a truly inclusive celebration. 





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