Updated December 29th, 2023 at 19:18 IST

BIZARRE REVENGE: Woman honeytraps ex-boss on Instagram, sends his nude photos to his wife

The woman employee made the plan to humiliate her ex-boss in response to the public criticism

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New Delhi:  In a bizarre incident, two corporate employees including a woman in Gujarat Vadodara went the extra mile to take revenge on their boss.  Upset with pillorying at the workplace, the disgruntled duo chose to resign from their jobs and hatched a plan to honey-trap their boss. They first lured their boss into sending his nude photos to them and then shared those pictures with several people including his wife, The Times of India reported. 

As per the news report, the woman employee made the plan to humiliate her ex-boss in response to the public criticism. Subsequently, she took the help of another individual and joined hands three months after resigning from their jobs. After honey-trapping him, they threatened to expose their boss by leaking compromising photos to various individuals.


After being blackmailed for months, the victim ultimately approached the Cyber Crime Police to file a complaint. The police promptly initiated an investigation, leading them to trace the duo behind the plot. The interrogation revealed that the primary culprit responsible for the crime was the victim's former employee.   

According to the police, the main suspect, a woman, conceived the plan to teach her boss a lesson and "make his life miserable." The two individuals created a fake Instagram profile impersonating a woman and initiated conversations with their boss several months ago.  


In an attempt to trap their boss, the duo initiated their plan by sending sexually explicit images from the internet to their superior. They encouraged him to reciprocate by sharing his own photos. The scheme unfolded seamlessly, and as intended, the victim ultimately ended up sharing nude pictures on Instagram. 

Within few days, the victim found himself bombarded with emails containing his explicit photos and screenshots of intimate conversations. The distressing ordeal escalated when his former employees forwarded these compromising materials to not only the HR department of the victim's workplace but also to his wife. Adding to the torment, they mailed physical printouts of the pictures to his office address. Frustrated with the constant harassment, the victim eventually sought relief by formally registering a complaint with the cybercrime department.


Published December 29th, 2023 at 19:18 IST