Updated May 27th, 2024 at 11:53 IST

Pune CP Admits Cover-Up: Blood Samples Of Rich Brat Thrown In Dustbin, Dad Was In Touch With Doctors

"The blood samples of juvenile was thrown in the dustbin. And some one else's blood were taken," said Kumar.

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Republic Impact: Pune Top Cop Admits Cover-Up in Porsche Crash Case, 'Driver Locked-Up, Threatened' | Image:Republic

Pune: In a shocking revelation and after constant pressure from Republic, Pune Commissioner Amitesh Kumar on Monday said that the blood report from Sasoon hospital doesn't match with the rich brat involved in the Pune Porsche crash case but belonged to a third person instead. He further stated that there was ample evidence that the father was in touch with the doctors, accused for manipulating the blood sample reports. On May 23, the Pune police commissioner was cornered by Republic Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami on the need to collect two samples. At that time, Kumar told Republic that it was done as a precautionary measure. 

Now, taking a U-turn from his previous position taken in Republic, the top cop has now revealed that the second blood sample belonged to someone else. "It has appeared that someone else's blood samples were collected. The blood samples of juvenile was thrown in the dustbin. And some one else's blood were taken," said Kumar, adding that it was done under the instruction of the now-arrested Dr. Ajay Taware, who is the HOD of Forensic Medicine of Sassoon Hospital. The cops are now investigating the call records of the arrested doctors.


"We received the forensic report yesterday and it has been revealed that the sample collected at Sassoon Hospital, which the doctor there sealed and wrote the name of the juvenile accused before sending it to the Forensics, was not the sample of the juvenile accused...After this, we detained the doctors who had sealed this report and sent it to forensics," the Pune top cop told reporters. “We took another sample of the juvenile and sent it to the government hospital in Aundh where it matched with the father's DNA but Sasoon hospital DNA didn't match,” the Pune top cop further added.

He said that cases of criminal conspiracy, forgery, and destruction of evidence along with criminal conspiracy forgery and gratification have been slapped against the accused doctors. He further stated that homicide sections were added as well. The replaced blood sample will be further investigated, stated the Pune top cop. The father and grandfather have also been booked for criminal conspiracy, said Kumar.


Kumar further stated that the police is looking into the hospital CCTV footage for further clarity. Several provisions including, 120 b, 467, 201, 214 have been added to the primary case of 304.


Published May 27th, 2024 at 11:06 IST