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'Blood Samples Tampered': Republic Confronts Pune Top Cop After Porsche Murder Cover-Up Expose

Republic confronted Pune CP Amitesh Kumar, questioning him whether the CCTV footage of blood sample tampering in the hospital has been taken.

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Republic Confronts Pune Top Cop | Image:Republic TV

Pune: After shocking admission of tampering in blood samples of the super brat accused in Porsche Crash case, the Republic Media Network confronted Pune Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar, questioning him whether the CCTV footage of hospital has been taken. 

Kumar, who admitted cover-up in Porsche murder case, replied to Republic that cops have already taken the CCTV clip of the Sassoon General Hospital where the tampering of the blood sample took place. 


The Pune top cop claimed that doctors in Sassoon General Hospital had collected the blood sample of a teen driver, who is an accused in the Pune Porsche accident case, and the same day it was replaced with those of another person who had not consumed alcohol, before discarding it in a dustbin. 

"On May 19, around 11am the blood sample which was taken at Sassoon Hospital in Pune was thrown in a dustbin of the hospital and the blood sample of another person was taken and sent to the forensic lab... CMO Srihari Harnor replaced this blood sample. During the investigation, we found Srihari Harnor replaced this on the instructions of the HOD forensic medicine department of Sassoon, Ajay Tawre," Kumar said at a press conference.

He added that another blood sample of the Super Rich Brat was sent to a Aundh government hospital where it matched with his father's DNA but the Sasoon Hospital DNA didn't match. “We have seized the CCTV footage of the Sasoon Hospital for further investigation,” he said. 


Republic Expose Blows Up

The Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami had already exposed the entire Pune Porsche fixing case much prior to the admission by Pune CP Amitesh Kumar. 


In an explosive exclusive interview with Pune top cop, Arnab Goswami had asked him that ‘why two blood samples were taken? Was there any manipulation in the sample testing?’

Responding to Arnab Goswami's inescapable question that time, Pune CP said, “Yes, two blood samples were collected as a matter of precaution. Just in case, if one blood report gets tampered with, we have the other one with us.” 


Republic Impact: Two Doctors Nabbed 

Amitesh Kumar said that Dr Ajay Taware, head of the forensics department at Sassoon Hospital in Pune, and Dr Shrihari Harnor, chief medical officer at Sassoon, were arrested for alleged manipulation in blood reports and tampering with the evidence in the Porsche crash case.


The super brat, driving the Porsche at over 200 kmph allegedly under the influence of alcohol, rammed the vehicle into a bike and killed two IT professionals in the early hours of May 19. The police claimed the teenager was drunk at the time of the accident. 

The super rich brat was initially granted bail by the Juvenile Justice Board, which also asked him to write an essay on road accidents, but following outrage over the lenient treatment and a review application by the police, he was sent to an observation home till June 5.


Published May 27th, 2024 at 11:49 IST