Updated February 29th, 2024 at 20:26 IST

Burger Singh, Hacked by Pakistani Group, Slaps Back With Humorous Response

Commenting on the hack, Burger Singh said it was not "losing sleep over it" and that it was aiming to make the chain "larger than the GDP of some countries."

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After being hacked by a Pakistani group, the Burger Singh website has now been restored. | Image:burgersinghonline.com

New Delhi: Indian fast food chain Burger Singh, on Thursday, said that Pakistani hackers had defaced the company’s website. The hacked website has now been restored and Burger Singh put out a light-hearted post on its social media handle, saying that its “digital hiccup is just that — a hiccup.”

"It seems our digital doorstep got a surprise makeover on the 27th of February, 2024, thanks to a special visit from our not-so-friendly neighbourhood web wizards, Team Insane PK, straight out of Pakistan…," Burger Singh said in its message to customers.


The hackers reportedly breached the website’s security systems and redesigned it on February 27, creating a digital graffiti wall on the website that displayed the hacker group’s actions.

"Our website didn't just get a new look; it got a whole new attitude, albeit one we didn't sign up for," the company said.


As for the cause, Burger Singh noted that this hack was likely a result of a “cheeky promo code” with “geopolitical flair” that it had put out some time ago which “landed better than we expected”. 

Instead of taking immediate actions to restore the website, the company said it kept the "graffiti up for a day — think of it as an open mic night for hackers. It's our way of saying, 'Take a good look, folks. Inspiration strikes in the oddest of places'." 


"As for our feelings towards the hackers, let's just say we are not losing sleep over it. We are too busy dreaming up the next big thing that'll make Burger Singh more legendary than the GDP of some countries (no names mentioned, of course)," it said.

The Gurugram-based fast food company further said, "Our journey is filled with more ups than downs, more burgers than breaches, and certainly, more laughs than worries." Burger Singh, founded in 2014 by two childhood friends, has stores in 50 cities.


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Published February 29th, 2024 at 20:26 IST