Updated May 26th, 2024 at 19:14 IST

NWKRTC Bus In Leaky Roof Prank? Bus Driver And Conductor Suspended For Viral Reel

NWKRTC suspended a driver and conductor for a viral Instagram reel misrepresenting bus conditions, sparking safety concerns and an inquiry.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Bus Driver And Conductor Suspended For Viral Reel | Image:X

In an unusual turn of events, two staff members of the North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) were suspended after an Instagram reel they made while on duty went viral. The employees, a bus driver named Hanumanthappa and a conductor named Anita, were seen in the video engaging in a lighthearted act that caught the attention of social media users.

The viral video depicts Hanumanthappa holding an umbrella inside the bus, humorously implying that if it rained, the passengers would get drenched. The reel, shot by conductor Anita, was intended for entertainment but ended up raising concerns about passenger safety and the condition of NWKRTC buses. Social media users questioned the fitness of the buses and the safety measures in place for passengers.


Check out the post:

The post was shared on X in which the viral reel was posted with a caption that says, “A video of a #NWKRTC bus driver driving with an umbrella had gone viral with the claim that the roof was leaking. It turns out the driver and conductor were recording a reel. There is not a drop of water on the umbrella and it was foolish of people to believe the roof was leaking!” 


Reacting to the incident, NWKRTC took swift action. NWKRTC Managing Director Priyanga stated to news agency ANI, “The NWKRTC, however, has suspended both the driver and conductor for showcasing the NWKRTC in a poor light and has set up a departmental inquiry against them.”


The transport corporation emphasized that the video misrepresented the state of their vehicles. "Taking a serious note of the incident, the NWKRTC inspected the bus, and it was found that the roof of the bus was not leaking, and the driver and conductor had made the reel for entertainment," clarified Priyanga.


Published May 26th, 2024 at 19:14 IST