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Cat or Leopard? Video Shows Mysterious Animal at Rashtrapati Bhavan During Modi 3.0 Swearing-in

A viral video shows a mysterious animal at Rashtrapati Bhavan during Modi's third swearing-in, sparking debate online.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Mysterious Animal at Rashtrapati Bhavan During Modi 3.0 Swearing-in | Image:X

Rashtrapati Bhawan Viral Video: A video capturing a mysterious animal strolling behind the stage during the swearing-in ceremony of Modi 3.0 government at  the Rashtrapati Bhawan has gone viral and taken social media by storm. The clip shows a big cat or leopard like animal walking in the backrgound as MP Durga Das completed his oath and signed the papers. While some netizens speculated it was a leopard, others believe it was a pet animal. This mysterious animal was seen multiple times on the staircase during the ceremony, adding a curious twist to the grand event.

Watch Viral Video of Mysterious Animal Inside Rashtrapati Bhawan

The video has been widely across social media platforms as a user captioned it, “An animal was seen strolling back in the Rashtrapati Bhavan after MP Durga Das finished the paperwork. Some say it was a LEOPARD while others call it some pet animal. Have a look.”

User’s reaction to the post:

Leopard In Rashtrapati Bhavan?

The viral video shows Madhya Pradesh MP Durgadas Uikey, also known as DD Uikey, swearing in as one of the Union Ministers. Moments after he rises from his seat, a mysterious animal can be seen walking in the background as the minister carries out the official procedure on stage.


As he rose from his seat, bowing his head and conveying a Namaste to the President, netizens swiftly redirected their attention to the background. A four-legged creature was purportedly spotted taking a leisurely stroll up the stairs.

The viral incident occurred when Uikey, who recently won the general elections from the Betul (ST) Lok Sabha seat in Madhya Pradesh, was sworn in as a minister of state in the Narendra Modi government on June 9. Uikey,58, representing the Betul (ST) seat for the second consecutive term, previously worked as a teacher in schools under the state tribal welfare department before securing a ticket for the Lok Sabha polls in 2019. In the 2024 elections, he defeated Ramu Tekam of the Congress party by a margin of 3.79 lakh votes.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit a hat-trick by taking the oath for the third time, equaling former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's record of three consecutive terms. President Draupadi Murmu administered the oath of office to PM Modi and the 71 other ministers in the Modi 3.0 cabinet. Despite the political significance of the event, it was the unexpected animal sighting that captured the public's attention and became the highlight on social media platforms.

Delhi Police Clarification: 


Delhi police has issued a clarification on this saying, ‘These facts are not true, the animal captured on camera is a common house cat. Please don't adhere to such frivolous rumours.’


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