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CBI Arrests 19 in Human Trafficking Case, Duping Indian Nationals for Fake Jobs in Russia

CBI cracked down on visa consultancies & agents for trafficking Indians into combat roles. The agency conducted searches in over 10 locations across 7 cities.

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CBI has cracked down on visa consultancies and agents for trafficking young Indians into combat roles in the Russia-Ukraine war. | Image:AP/ Republic

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has uncovered a human trafficking network that has been sending Indians to the war zone between Russia and Ukraine on Thursday as per media reports. These traffickers have been operating as an organised group, luring people through social media platforms like YouTube and local contacts, promising them high-paying jobs in Russia. As per latest reports, 19 have been arrested for their involvement in the scheme. Passports of victims were seized, and were given with Russian army attire against their will. An FIR has been filed for cheating and human trafficking, with some victims suffering severe injuries in the war zone, reports added.

According to the CBI, the traffickers deceived young Indians by offering them hard-to-refuse employment opportunities. However, instead of legitimate jobs, these individuals were coerced into combat roles in the conflict zone. This placed their lives in serious danger, with some victims sustaining severe injuries and some meeting the unthinkable. In response to this situation, the CBI has already taken action against several visa consultancy firms and agents involved in the trafficking scheme. Searches were conducted at more than 10 locations across seven cities including Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram, Mumbai, Ambala, Chandigarh, Madurai, and Chennai.


CBI Cracks Down on Deceptions: Raids Expose Over 35 Cases of Trafficking

The investigation revealed approximately 35 cases where individuals were sent abroad under false pretences. During the searches, the CBI seized over Rs 50 lakh in cash, along with documents and electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and desktop computers. Additionally, several suspects have been detained for questioning. 


Among the entities implicated in the case are Delhi-based 24x7 RAS Overseas Foundation, Mumbai-based OSD Bros Travels & Visa Services Pvt Ltd, Chandigarh-based Adventure Visa Services Pvt Ltd, and Dubai-based Baba Vlogs Overseas Recruitment Solutions Pvt Ltd. These firms, along with their directors, have been accused of facilitating the trafficking operation. The CBI has issued a warning to the public, urging them to remain cautious and not fall victim to false promises of employment made by dubious recruitment agencies and agents. It is crucial for individuals to verify the legitimacy of job offers before accepting any opportunities, especially those involving overseas employment.

The investigation into this human trafficking network to prevent such criminal activities and protecting vulnerable individuals from exploitation is still ongoing. 




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