Updated May 22nd, 2024 at 15:28 IST

Chennai-based YouTuber Faces Legal Woes After Gender Reveal Party For Unborn Child

The Tamil Nadu Director of Medical and Rural Health Services issued a notice to popular flood vlogger Irfan for Gender Reveal Party

Reported by: Navya Dubey
YouTuber Reveals Gender Of Unborn Child In Vlog | Image:Instagram

Chennai: A Popular Food Vlogger is in trouble for  sharing the gender of his unborn child on social media. He and his wife traveled to Dubai to find out the gender before the baby is born, and he made youtube vlogs to announce the gender of his unborn child. 

The food vlogger, with 4.29 million followers on YouTube, shared the baby's gender in a video. He showed clips of the examination and shared what the doctor said.


The gender reveal video crossed 2 million views, while the Dubai trip vlog garnered over 1 million views.

Sharing the gender of an unborn child is against the law in India and can lead to punishment under the PCPNDT Act (Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act). This law aims to stop gender-based abortions and protect the rights and safety of unborn children. Enacted in 1994, it was put in place to combat female foeticide and tackle the declining sex ratio in India.


The Tamil Nadu Health Department has issued a notice to him under the act.

The statement from the Health Department says Irfan also posted videos of a family event in which the foetus' gender was revealed.


"In a bid to take legal action, the enforcement officer has sent a notice to Mr Irfan. Actions like this could lead to decline in birth of girl babies not just in Tamil Nadu but across the country," the statement said.

The health department has also written to the Cyber wing of the police to remove the video.


The YouTuber mentioned that he has removed the video and intends to respond to the notice once he receives it.

While many people congratulated the youtube vlogger on their announcement, it also drew criticism. Some were concerned that it might encourage others to travel abroad to find out the sex of their baby, which is against the law in India. 


Published May 22nd, 2024 at 15:28 IST