Updated March 11th, 2024 at 15:15 IST

'Will Beat Him With Footwear': Congress Leader Insults PM Modi Over Reducing LPG Prices

Congress leader G S Manjunath is also serving as the Vice President of Labor Welfare Board. The BJP has demanded an unconditional apology from Manjunath.

Reported by: Apoorva Shukla
Congress leader GS Majnunath | Image: Republic

Bengaluru: Karnataka Congress leader G S Manjunath has stoked a controversy by insulting the Prime Minister for reducing the cost of LPG cylinders. GS Manjunath said that the price of LPG cylinders have been reduced as part of the poll strategy and he would beat the Prime Minister with footwear. 

Addressing a public gathering, Manjunath questioned why the cylinder prices have been reduced, asking the audience to question the central government's decision. “Elections are coming and they have reduced the price by Rs 100. If I get him, I will beat him with what I have in my legs. Why are you doing it now?” said GS Manjunath. 


“I want to ask this not as a Congressman but as a citizen of this country, you all must ask this or else no one will listen. When we don't learn to question, we don't fully become deserving to be voters in the state. I plead to the people, the election begins in about 15 days. Why are you happy that prices have been reduced by Rs 100?” the Congress leader said. 

GS Manjunath is vice president of the Labour Welfare Board. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a Rs 100 cut on the cost of LPG cylinders on the occasion of women's day. 




BJP Responds to Manjunath's Remarks

The BJP has strongly responded to Manjunath's remarks insulting PM Modi. BJP leader S Prakash asked for an unconditional apology. “Siddaramaiah is the role model. He too insults other political leaders. I request DK Shivakumar to initiate action. The Congress leader too should issue an apology,” said Prakash. 

BJP MLC Chalavadi Narayanswamy called the remarks against the Prime Minister of the country shameful. He said that the party will initiate legal action against the Congress leader. “The BJP high command will initiate legal action. The Congress party follows a culture of abuse and indulges in using derogatory language. The Congress party has abused the Prime Minister and President in the past and it has proven costly for them only,” said the BJP leader. 


Published March 11th, 2024 at 13:21 IST