Updated February 27th, 2024 at 03:45 IST

Crime Against Women on The Rise in Bengaluru, Molestation Cases go up Three Times

Under IPC 376 (Rape), 116 cases were registered in 2021, 152 in 2022, and 176 in 2023 for rape. Molestation cases have increased alarmingly under IPC 354

Reported by: Prajwal Prasad
Bengaluru crimes against women on the rise | Image:Republic

Bengaluru: Women's safety is of concern in Bengaluru as the stats speak about crimes against them. In the last three years, the city has witnessed 444 reported rape cases and 2,439 incidents of assault and outrage against women's modesty, prompting heightened apprehension. The figures provided by the Home Department is alarming.

Under IPC 376 (Rape), 116 cases were registered in 2021, 152 in 2022, and 176 in 2023 for rape. Similarly, molestation cases have increased alarmingly under IPC 354. The cases showed an annual increase, with 573 in 2021, 731 in 2022, and 1,135 in 2023. This upward trend is a cause for concern.


Moreover, the city recorded 109 cases of insulting modesty of women in three years, along with 85 cases of dowry death, 1,698 cases of domestic violence, 445 cases of illegal trafficking, and 2,696 cases of dowry harassment.

A senior police official speaking to Republic said, "We have increased the security and special attention is given for women safety but it is rather unfortunate that such untoward incidents are on the rise. Moreover, the department is short staffed and hence taking action maybe delayed. Geographically, Bengaluru is growing and demographically the numbers are increasing hence the rise in number of crimes against women but we will work towards it to make the city safe for women."


The question demanding the crime rate against women was raised by a Congress MLC Nagaraj Yadav in the Council. In response, Home Minister Dr G Parmeshwar shared data and precautionary measures taken by the government to control crimes against women in the city.

Ankitha Agarwal, an IT professiona,l speaking to Republic said, "I come from another state but have always felt that Bengaluru is safe. The problem exists with the mindset of people and that should change. People should be made aware and sensitive to women centric problems. Bengaluru boasts some of the best mental health organisations, large scale awareness programs should be conducted on physical, mental and dowry abuse against women among the population."


Published February 27th, 2024 at 01:24 IST