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Suchana Seth Case: Physical Assault, 'Unnatural Behaviour' Against Husband | SHOCKING Details Emerge

Suchana has termed the behaviour of her husband 'Unnatural' even in their private space. The relationship between them had not been good since they were married

Reported by: Prajwal Prasad
Edited by: Shweta Singh
Bengaluru CEO's Private Life Takes Center Stage in Legal Drama | Image:Suchana Official

Bengaluru:  In a significant development, Republic has obtained a court order shedding light on the tumultuous relationship between Suchana and her husband, Venkat Ramana. The document outlines the timeline of their marriage, escalating conflicts, and the subsequent separation, with divorce proceedings still pending.

The couple got married on November 18, 2010 as per Hindu religion marriage act in Kolkata. The couple had a baby boy in 2019 and Suchana started to live separately from March, 2021.


Suchana had made serious allegations against her husband 

1) He had not taken care of her while she was pregnant


2) Venkat did not care for the child even after it was born

3) Venkat has also assaulted the child on multiple occasions


The court had barred Venkat from visiting Suchana's house in Rachenahalli. She had asked for Rs 2.5 lakh per month to take care of her child as maintenance from her husband. The order also mentions that Venkat used to sexually abuse his wife. The counsel for the respondent (Venkat) had denied all these allegations by Suchana but the court had also passed an order asking Venkat to hand over all the belongings of his wife and kid to her as she was living separately.

History of hate, violence and unnatural behaviour!


The relationship between the two had not been on good terms since they had got married. Suchana in her petition had alleged that her husband Venkat was very cruel and physically abusive. Suchana has termed the behaviour of her husband "Unnatural" even in their private space. Suchana in her petition has claimed that her husband has been behaving weird since their honeymoon and the child was also afraid of Venkat's behaviour.

Suchana had also moved out of his house and was staying at a rented house as Venkat used to not physically abuse her when they were alone but claimed that Venkat used to assault her in the presence of her child.


The court order reads 

"The I.A. No. VII filed by the petitioner u/sec. 23 (2) r/w 19 of PWDV Act is hereby partly allowed. The respondent no.1 is hereby directed to hand over the belongings of the petitioner no.1 and toys, clothes of the petitioner no.2 to the custody of the petitioner within 15 days from the date of this order."


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