Updated December 20th, 2023 at 17:35 IST

Ghaziabad shocker: Man yields sword 11 times to kill wife over delayed tea

Enrage over delay in tea, a 58-year-old man hacked his wife to death with a sword following an altercation.

Reported by: Aaquil Jameel
Edited by: Shweta Singh
Man killed wife to death with sword over delay in morning tea | Image:Republic

Ghaziabad:  A morning tea ritual turned bloodied after a 58-year-old man slashed his wife's neck repetitively over 11 times with a sword when the woman failed to serve tea on time. As per the police, the incident took place during early hours of Tuesday when an argument over delayed tea irked the accused to following which he attacked the woman over 10-times with a sword. The horrific act did not seem to end here as the man went on to attack his children who came to rescue their mother. Following the crime, the accused threatened everyone with the sword and managed to escape in the nearby sugarcane farm.  

After learning about the shocking crime, the cops got into action and arrested the 58-year-old man and recovered the weapon which was used for the crime. The accused was identified as Dharamvir Singh, a vegetable vendor by profession and was staying with his now-deceased wife Sundari (50) and five children. 


Commenting upon the incident, the victim’s son Guddu stated that it was around 6 am when the accused demanded tea around 6 am. Reportedly, the woman was preparing tea and stated that it would take some more time. However, this did not go to well with the victim and he somehow managed to get an old sword which he had hidden at his house and stabbed her on her neck. Furthermore, he even threatened to kill the children when they tried to intervene. 

Reports suggest that the victim and the accused husband were also involved in financial argument over buying an e-rickshaw. Dharamvir wanted to buy an e-rickshaw for Rs.15000 and he was demanding the same from his wife following which they landed in an argument. 


SP Gyan Prakash Rai stated that the accused has been arrested and further probe is on.


Published December 20th, 2023 at 17:34 IST