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Horrors faced by Thane girl Priya Singh: Minute-by-minute account of alleged attack by Ashwajit

Thane influencer Priya Singh has narrated her ordeal as to how Ashwajit Gaikwad, her partner of five years and the son of a bureaucrat, tried to assault her.

Reported by: Shweta Parande
Thane girl Priya Singh | Image:Priya Singh Instagram

Mumbai: Priya Singh, a 26-year-old woman from Maharashtra was seriously injured after her boyfriend Ashwajit Gaikwad allegedly tried to mow her down with his car near a hotel in Thane. Priya, who is a beautician and social media influencer, has narrated the horrors she faced and posted pictures of the same on Instagram.

“My boyfriend rammed his car over me and left me dying in pain on the street,” she wrote on Instagram with pictures of her severe injuries, as she lay on her hospital bed.


“Need Justice (hands folded) culprit ASHWAJIT ANIL KUMAR GAIKWAD. Son of Anil Kumar Gaikwad, joint MD, MSRDC And his friend- Romil Patil Driver- Sagar shedge these are the culprit (sic),” she wrote in her post, while tagging the Mumbai Police. She has also tagged Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and the page of Uddhav Thackeray’s Shiv Sena.

Priya further shared a detailed account of the horrific incident of how her boyfriend of five years, Ashwajit Gaikwad, allegedly attacked her. The incident occurred in a span of an hour, leaving Priya grievously injured.


Minute-by-minute account of the incident, as narrated by Priya Singh

It was at 4 am on December 12 that Priya got a call from her boyfriend Ashwajit, asking her to join him at a family function where his friends were also present. One of his friends, Romil Patil, insulted her and Ashwajit refused to protect her. Instead, he allegedly slapped her, pulled her hair and tried to strangle her.


The couple had an argument, after which Priya went to Ashwajit’s car to collect her belongings. At this point, the person driving the vehicle tried to mow her down, as confirmed by the police. As a result, the influencer suffered serious injuries and is being treated in a hospital.

Here is the detailed and verbatim account as shared by Priya Singh on Instagram

“Early Monday morning at 4am I got a call from my boyfriend (Ashwajit Gaikwad) and I went to see him. He was at a function with his Family and our common friends. Upon reaching there I met some friends and found that my boyfriend was behaving Strange. So I asked him if everything was fine and insisted him for us to talk in private. I stepped out of The function and waited for him. He along with his friends came outside.I tried talking to him but his friend (Romil Patil) wouldn't let me do that instead started insulting me. This Further Blew up into a heated argument. My boyfriend and his friend used abusive language to which I asked my Boyfriend to defend me and not abuse which led to the Start of something Beyond my imagination.”

“My Boyfriend slapped me, tried to strangle my neck, I tried to push him away he bit my hand, beat me, pulled my hair and his Friend out of no where pushed me to the ground.. before I could realise they started walking towards their cars. I immediately rushed to my boyfriend near his car to get my phone and bag (he had snatched my belongings during the fight and kept it in his car).”


“As soon as I reached to his Car (Range Rover Defender) I heard him Say "Uda de isko" to his driver (Sagar). His driver sped up the car and hit me from the left corner of the vehicle which got me to the ground and the Rear left wheel of the car went over my right leg. They stopped after 20-30m 1 waved in pain for help but they fled away. I was left on the Street in pain for around 30 mins all alone withoud my phone or any help. A passer by saw me and informed the local police.”

“This stranger stayed near me to help me. After sometime my boyfnend's driver came back to check If I'm dead or alive. The driver saw the stranger and hence decided to take me to the hospital to avoid any involvement of the police. On the way to the hospital his driver tried to threaten me by saying "Don't involve police in this because anyway you know how well connected CHICHU BHAI (Ashwajit) is and you will not be able to do anything as I will take all the blame on me" After I reached the hospital I begged for my phone several times to get in touch with my family. He gave my phone and to call my sister only after the doctors insisted on informing my family.”


“Today I have just come out of anesthesia. My right leg broken and I had to undergo surgery, had to put a rod in right leg. I have bruises all over my body, my arms, my ba and my stomach area is deeply scrapped.”

“I will be bedridden for minimum 3-4 months and after tha will have to take support to walk for another 6 months. I' the prime earning member in my family. I still can't I was dating him for 4.5 years and he has not come to see me. I only makes everything more clear about his intentions of actually taking my life.”


“Some of his friends are constantly coming to the hospital since 2 days influencing and threatening my sister cause have filed FIR. I'm really terrified. I'm very scared for my family and myself I don't feel safe. I have lost all faith in humanity. I don't know if my life is ever going to be normal. Please pray for me. All I pray for is JUSTICE.” (sic)

Priya pleaded, “I'm lying her helpless in the hospital. Unable to move, this pain in my leg and my other body parts is killing me.”








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Ashwajit Gaikwad is the son of Anil Gaikwad, the current Managing Director, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). The Thane Police have booked Ashwajit for the assault, who has in turn pleaded not guilty and levelled extortion charges against Priya Singh.


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