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Jammu Shepherd Booked for Faking Abduction Story to Avoid Paying Sheep Owners

During questioning, the shepherd admitted that he had concocted the abduction story to avoid paying money he owed to goat and sheep owners.

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A shepherd from Rajouri has been booked for misleading local police with a fake abduction story. | Image:PTI/ Representative

Jammu: A shepherd in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district has been booked by the local police for misleading them with a fake story of his abduction which was later revealed to be a ploy to avoid paying money to sheep owners, police officials said on Saturday. Kala Khan, a resident of Moghla-Teryath in Rajouri had earlier lodged a complaint at a local police station claiming that he had been abducted and robbed of Rs 5 lakh by a group of five unknown persons. 

Khan had claimed that the incident had taken place on March 18 and the money that was stolen had been earned from the sale of a herd of goats and sheep.


But, during the course of the investigation into his claims, authorities became increasingly suspicious of Khan and his version of events. 

Upon being questioned, the shepherd eventually broke down and admitted that he had given a false narrative to avoid paying around Rs 8 lakh to various persons from Budhal, Samote, Moghla and Teryath areas who had given him goats and sheep to sell. 


“As he had no money because so many goats/sheep died due to illness while the owners were demanding their money back, he concocted a false story to get rid of them,” said a police spokesperson. 

The official added that while the investigation of the case has been closed as not admitted, proceedings under section 182 Indian Penal Code (IPC) have been initiated against the complainant for misleading police by reporting a false story. 


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