Updated May 27th, 2024 at 13:17 IST

Cyclone Remal Fury In Kolkata: Heavy Rains, Power Outages, And Uprooted Trees Cause Disruption

Cyclone Remal caused flooding, power cuts, and severe damage in Bengal, killing two people and disrupting Kolkata airport operations.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Cyclone Remal Fury In Kolkata: Heavy Rains, Power Outages | Image:X

Cyclone Remal made landfall on Saturday night, and it brought heavy rains and fierce wins to Kolkata. And after the storm subsided, it left some disastrous views on the streets of Kolkata with streets covered with trees and the storm also damaged the property and blocked roads. The city also experienced a rainfall of 144mm which led to water clogging in many low-lying areas which disturbed the movement of the city. 

The storm's heavy rains led to extensive flooding, exacerbating the challenges faced by residents. Submerged farmlands and widespread power cuts, implemented as a safety measure, added to the difficulties. Homes with thatched roofs suffered severe damage from the strong winds. Uprooted trees and downed power lines caused significant disruptions, and tragically, two people lost their lives in Kolkata.


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Social media was flooded with dramatic images and videos showcasing the severe impact of the cyclone on Bengal.


After making landfall between the coasts of West Bengal and Bangladesh, Cyclone Remal left widespread devastation in its wake. Flight operations at Kolkata airport, which had been suspended since Sunday noon, have now resumed.


Published May 27th, 2024 at 13:17 IST