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Did Pune Police Also Go Slow in Porsche Killer’s Grandfather’s Case? CP's Answer

Pune Commissioner of Police responds to Arnab on the mafia-linked grandfather of Porsche killer being his guarantor at the police station.

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Did Pune Police Also Go Slow in Porsche Killer’s Grandfather’s Case? CP's Answer | Image:ANI video screengrab

New Delhi: The Pune Porsche Crash that killed two youngsters while the luxury car was being driven by a 17-year-old has sent shockwaves across the country. The accident took place in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar area on Sunday, May 19. 

The rich, spoilt brat was given bail immediately by the  Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) on laughable conditions on account of him being a minor, causing everyone to question the system that allows the rich to get free. The 17-year-old boy, who was allegedly drunk driving, was granted bail on a surety of Rs.7,500 and an ‘assurance’ from his grandfather Surendra Kumar Agarwal that the boy would be kept away from bad company.


After a furore, the boy’s bail was cancelled on May 22, while his father, builder Vishal Agarwal was taken into custody on the same day.

Republic Media Network Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami confronted Pune Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar in connection with the Pune Porsche Crash. He asked some hard-hitting questions, including the grandfather being the guarantor during the minor’s bail proceedings. For the unversed, media reports have brought fore to light the rich brat's grandfather's connection with the underworld in the past.


Underworld links of Porsche crash accused’s family

It has emerged that the family of the minor accused has connections to the underworld. Arnab asked the Police Commissioner, “Is it true or not that the grandfather of this Super Rich Brat has worked with Chhota Rajan in the past to carry out the killing of a corporator?”


“Yes, the case is on record against him,” admitted the Police Commissioner of Pune.

No MCOCA against mafia-linked grandfather in 2009

Is it true that the MCOCA or the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act’s provisions were not applied against the Super Rich Grandfather of the Super Rich Boy?” Arnab further questioned.

“Yes, in 2009 when the offence had taken place and the investigation was done…it was not applied,” admitted the Police Commissioner.


MLA walks into the police station to intervene in the case

“The Pune police, which you represent, did not invoke the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act in this case against his grandfather. And the Pune Police allows an MLA (Sunil Tingre) to walk into a police station, and have two blood samples taken, when the Chhota Rajan’s partner’s grandson kills two people, under the influence of alcohol, driving a Rs 2 crore car at 240 km an hour… How do you expect people to have any faith in the system?” asked Arnab in a heated debate.


“You have to look at the outcome, Arnab…our stand has been vindicated,” said the Commissioner. “Sir, I will look at the process. Your stand is not vindicated. It is a super rich family of Pune, which is trying to push its way through,” emphasised Arnab.

The Police Commissioner said, “Economics data doesn’t affect us. Our course is affected by what the law says”. On the visit of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA Sunil Tingre to the police station after the Porsche crash, the Police Commissioner replied, “A public representative has the right to visit the police station”.


Why were two blood samples taken?

The Police Commissioner maintained that two blood samples were taken because one was for the blood test and the other for the DNA test. 

“I will ask you repeatedly, you tell me, why were two blood samples taken after a gap of three-four hours?” questioned Arnab. 


“To ensure there is no tampering,” replied the Pune Commissioner.

“While you admit the gap of four hours can influence the result…,” said Arnab.


“Primarily to check the DNA sample, that in case the blood was taken at the first instance was the same of the accused…that was the reason,” said the CP. “As a precaution…,” said Arnab. The Pune CP replied in the affirmative.

“Was the result of the two samples the same?” questioned Arnab.


“The results haven’t come, I told you, the results are awaited, it is with the forensics department,” said Kumar.

“You are also saying that the MLA who came in didn’t come to influence. After how much time did he enter the police station, after the accident? What time?” asked Arnab. To which the Commissioner replied, “He came in the early morning hours. It would be around 7-7:30 am.”


“He came into a police station at a time when the Super Rich Brat had killed two people four hours earlier, right?” said Arnab. “Right,” said CP Amitesh Kumar.

“Every stakeholder has the right to see that their system works as per law and I can only tell you the Pune City police is trying its best, we are investigating all angles and will take the case to its logical conclusion,” said Amitesh Kumar.


“Mr. Amitesh Kumar, I will follow up with you on this case. I am really surprised that some of the answers that you gave me, especially about the blood reports and the visit of MLA, I think that the MLA also should be put under the bar for trying to influence an investigation,” said Arnab.

“I am sorry if I was not able to satisfy (with the right answers), but I am certainly open to questioning,” replied the Pune CP.


Watch the full video of the interview of Arnab Goswami with Pune Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar:


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