Updated May 20th, 2024 at 10:37 IST

“Disaster!”: Air India Passenger's Nightmarish Flight Goes Viral, Sparking Outrage

Instagram user Akul Dhingra's video criticising Air India flight issues went viral, sparking numerous comments from other passengers sharing similar negative ex

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Air India Passenger's Nightmarish Flight Goes Viral | Image:Instagram: akuldhingra

The incidents of customers getting bad service are increasing day by day and one such incident came into highlights.In a recent Instagram post, user Akul Dhingra detailed his troubling experience while flying with Air India from New York to Delhi.

Dhingra's post, which has garnered over 1.4 million views, highlighted multiple issues he encountered during the flight, including broken headphone jacks, malfunctioning sliding tables, and an inoperative in-flight entertainment system.


Check out the post:

Akul posted the whole scenario through a video on Instagram with a caption. He wrote, "My Air India flight from NY to Delhi was a disaster!" Dhingra captioned his video. The footage revealed damaged seats marred with scratches, non-functional headphone jacks, and defective sliding tables. Despite these setbacks, Dhingra mentioned that the food quality was "decent and satisfying."


User's reactions on the post:

Dhingra's post has attracted numerous comments from other disgruntled passengers, sharing their own negative experiences with Air India. One commenter wrote, "Never again! Flew once with @airindia, worse service and quality of any airline! Stewardess kept serving the guy in front of me drinks, and he peed in his seat with piss streaming down everywhere! Ugh!"

Another user shared a similar ordeal, stating, "Travelled once on Air India, and they did not serve any food for 5 hours on an 8-hour flight from Sydney to Singapore. Why? They didn't have enough food for everyone on the flight. No water either. Horror story!"


Some comments suggested that the issues might be specific to certain routes or aircraft. "You should fly from Mumbai. They use ex-Etihad aircraft, which are in better conditions. Also, yes, New York is infamous for terrible catering. I experienced this while flying with Air France, so you can't blame Air India for that, but yes, the old aircraft need a terrible renovation quickly," one user remarked.

Another commenter echoed Dhingra's concerns about the condition of the aircraft: "When I traveled last year, two bathrooms were not working and same condition as you described. Never again, Air India."




Published May 20th, 2024 at 10:37 IST