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Don't Mess With Us: GD Bakshi's Message to the World on India's 75th Republic Day

On the occasion of India's 75th Republic Day, Bakshi concluded by commending India's outstanding performance on the battlefield.

Reported by: Tanisha Rajput
The retired General said that every year India celebrates Republic Day in January where the country showcases its military power. | Image:Social Media

New Delhi: India is set to celebrate its 75th Republic Day in the national capital on Friday with a captivating display of military prowess and rich cultural heritage at the Kartavya Path. The themes for this year's celebration, "Viksit Bharat" and "Bharat - Loktantra ki Matruka," underscoring India's essence as a democracy.

In anticipation of the celebration, Republic spoke with Major General Gagan Deep Bakshi, a retired Indian Army Officer.


Bakshi extended his greetings for Republic Day, expressing his privilege to be part of the festivities. Reflecting on the year India became a 'Republic,' the same year he was born, 1950, he remarked, "I was born FREE! I have not even been a Dominican status citizen; we were all born free."

He shared insights into his journey as a second lieutenant and participated during the Bangladesh war, Kargil war, and counter-terrorism operations in Punjab and Kashmir's Rajouri and Poonch.


"I fought to keep this country free," he added.

Highlighting India as a nuclear power and its achievements, Bakshi mentioned India's trajectory toward becoming a five trillion-dollar economy, the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3, and the solar mission Aditya L-1. Additionally, he noted India's global contribution during the pandemic by supplying free vaccines to 150 countries.


"India is a grassroots democracy; it's not the British who gave us this democracy.  The simple fact is, we were a democracy in the time of the Buddha and possibly even earlier," Bakshi emphasised.

Responding to a question about India's "Amrit Kaal," he highlighted the nation's progress, citing the impact of the "Green Revolution" on achieving food sufficiency.


Bakshi noted that every January, India celebrates Republic Day, showcasing its military power to send a clear message: "Don't mess with us." He asserted that the days of fearing enemy invasion are gone.

He concluded by commending India's outstanding performance on the battlefield, stating, "Today, we have achieved almost self-reliance in our weapon systems." India has shifted from importing weapons to designing and manufacturing missiles, Arjun Tanks, and Tejas Aircrafts.


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