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Dubai Flooded After 120 mm Rains, Netizens React to the Viral Video | WATCH

A video of Dubai flooded with rain going viral on social media, with netizens comparing it to the water blockages in Mumbai. 

Reported by: Rishi Shukla
Dubai Received Heavy Rainfall With Flood Like Situation, Video Goes Viral | Image:X

Viral News: A video of Dubai flooded with rain going viral on social media. On one side, residents of Dubai are sharing videos of water blockages around the city, and on the other hand, residents of Mumbai are comparing the rains and floods in Mumbai.

Dubai which received heavy rainfall of 120 mm rains in whole day and people are crying after Mumbai gets slightly waterlogged after 250 mm in 3 hours. The visuals of both the cities are trending on social media platform X.


An X user, Aditya Joshi shared a post with a caption, “Dubai got flooded after 120 mm rains in whole day and people cry after Mumbai Gets slightly waterlogged after 250 mm in 3 hours. #dubairain  #dubairains”.

Incorrect analogy. Dubai was not built for such heavy rains - rains that would flood most cities. A better analogy would be if it suddenly snowed heavily in Bombay, which was obviously not built to handle snow at all. Would people in snowy Oslo mock Bombay?

Another user posted, “Looking at the Dubai rains, my respect increased for Mumbai’s BMC management.” taking a witty jibe at Dubai's infrastructure.

These viral Dubai Vs Mumbai posts now creating an online stir, comparing Mumbai's infrastructure to Dubai's.

A post of Anand Mahindra is going viral with similar visuals. His post comes with an interesting caption that says, “Nope. Not Mumbai. Dubai…”


Anand Mahindra's Dubai flood viral video post is taking the internet by the storm, leaving netizens in shock.


One viewer wrote, “Are people going to shame Dubai now like they shame India when it floods!”, another user wrote, “Once in a Blue Moon situation for them.

The question is; Is it because of climate change or Dubai Artificial Rain that they did a few days back?”.


One more user says, “This would be condition of many so called developed cities if they get rainfall like India. Drainage system is a myth.”

Anand's tweet is prompt response to Sanjiv's initial comment, Sanjiv subsequently clarified his stance and retracted his original statement.

screenshot of Anand Mahindra tweet



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