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Kailash-Mansarovar Darshan in Just 1.5 Hours: Here's How to Book Tickets, More Details

Situated in the Ngari prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage holds profound significance for Hindus worldwide.

Reported by: Moumita Mukherjee
Kailash-Manasarovar Darshan in Just 1.5 Hours: Here's How to Book Tickets | Image:Social Media

Kathmandu: The inaugural Kailash Mansarovar Darshan Flight, hailed as the first-ever mountain flight to the sacred pilgrimage site, started its journey from Nepalgunj with 38 Indian passengers on board from Monday, January 29. Operated by Shri Airlines, a private aviation company of Nepal, the Kailash–Mansarovar Darshan Flight will provide the passengers with a spectacular aerial view of the revered Mount Kailash and the Mansarovar Lake. The majestic sight of Mt Kailash unfolded from an elevation of 27,000 feet during the approximately one-and-a-half-hour flight.

Why is Kailash–Mansarovar Darshan significant?

Situated in the Ngari prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage holds profound significance for Hindus worldwide and is also revered by Buddhists, Jains, and practitioners of Tibet's indigenous Bonpa faith.

Nestled at the summit of Mount Kailash, according to Hindu mythology, is the divine abode of Lord Shiva. Regarded as a virtual paradise, this sacred site welcomes only a select few thousand privileged pilgrims each year. For those seeking to pay homage to Lord Shiva while reveling in the breathtaking Himalayan vistas, the Mount Kailash Yatra by helicopter emerges as a convenient and awe-inspiring pilgrimage option.


Adding to the spiritual allure of the region, Lake Mansarovar sits gracefully at an altitude of 14,950 feet, recognised as one of the highest freshwater lakes globally. Cradled amidst awe-inspiring silver mountains, the lake exudes a majestic calm and tranquility. According to Hindu mythology, the lake owes its existence to the creative power of Lord Brahma, who is believed to have manifested it through his divine mind. This origin tale bestows upon the lake the name 'Mansarovar', further enriching the spiritual significance of this revered destination.

How to book tickets?

10-Day Spiritual Journey with Close-up Darshan of Mount Kailash and Mansarovar

Commencing from Kathmandu, this extraordinary pilgrimage spans 10 days, offering devotees a unique opportunity for a close-up Darshan of the revered Mount Kailash and the sacred Mansarovar.


The journey kicks off with a fixed-wing aircraft flight to Nepalgunj, from where participants embark on an early morning helicopter flight to Simikot and subsequently to Hilsa, situated at the Nepal border. A scenic drive follows, leading pilgrims to Taklakot via the enchanting Khojarnath Monastery, culminating in the arrival at the divine Lake Mansarovar.

Here, pilgrims are presented with the choice of undertaking a parikrama of Kailash Kora, either on foot or through the unique experience of a Yak-ride. The option allows participants to immerse themselves in the spiritual energy surrounding Mount Kailash and the tranquil Mansarovar.


The highlight of the pilgrimage involves a close-up darshan of Mount Kailash and Mansarovar, providing a deeply moving and spiritual experience. The journey concludes with a drive back to Hilsa, followed by a return helicopter flight to Nepalgunj. The final leg sees participants returning to Kathmandu via a fixed-wing aircraft, marking the completion of this sacred and transformative pilgrimage.

12-Day Spiritual Journey Featuring Sacred Darshan of Mount Kailash and Mansarovar

Commencing with a comprehensive city tour of Kathmandu, this immersive 12-day pilgrimage unfolds with a series of transformative experiences. The journey kicks off with a flight to Nepalgunj, followed by a helicopter ride to Hilsa, marking the gateway to spiritual exploration.

The scenic drive through Purang, Mansarovar, and Darchen paves the way for a deep connection with these sacred landscapes. Pilgrims have the option to choose between overnight stays at guesthouses or tented camps, ensuring a serene and contemplative atmosphere.


The sacred trek includes key destinations such as Derapuk Monastery, Dolma La Pass, and Zudulpuk Gompa (camp). The spiritual sojourn culminates with a return to Darchen, providing pilgrims with a profound experience of the sacred surroundings.

The return journey involves a scenic drive back to Hilsa border via Purang, concluding with a flight back to Kathmandu by plane. To embark on this transformative pilgrimage and secure your place, sending an inquiry is the first step toward a spiritual journey of a lifetime.


To book tickets, you have visit the website of the airlines and fill in necessary details as shown below: 

Source: Shree Airlines Website

Duration of the Darshan

Mani Lamichhane, director at Nepal Tourism Board, told PTI, “This will help increase border tourism movement. Now, Indians will be able to have a darshan of Mt Kailash and Lake Mansarovar without coming to Kathmandu.” “The Indian tourists can feel the divinity without doing much hard work. They don’t need to spend days to see Mt. Kailash. They will get to see it within 1.5 hour,” he said, adding, “A new avenue in tourism has opened up with this flight.” The pilgrims going to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via Nepal have to travel to Kathmandu. But with this flight, they need not go to the Nepal capital. Nepalgunj is barely 200 kms northeast of Lucknow in India and accessible by road too. 


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