Updated February 4th, 2024 at 18:40 IST

Kejriwal Blames Officials For Sad State of Delhi Hospitals After LG Expresses Disappointment

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal even urged Lt Governor VK Saxena to replace the two bureaucrats of the Delhi government.

Reported by: Abhishek Tiwari
Delhi LG VK Saxena and CM Arvind Kejriwal | Image:PTI

New Delhi: After Delhi LG VK Saxena, in his letter to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, expressed his deep concern over the pathetic state of the hospitals under the city government, Kejriwal responded to him by blaming two of government officials for the issues. The chief minister even urged the Lt Governor to replace the two bureaucrats of the Delhi government.

In his letter to the Delhi LG regarding the concerns over deteriorating health infrastructure in Delhi, Kejriwal stated that he has asked the health minister to submit a report on the same.


Delhi LG raised issue of deteriorating health infrastructure in Delhi

Accusing two of Delhi government’s bureaucrats regarding the issue, he stated that he had earlier written to the LG to replace the Health Secretary and the Finance Secretary, accusing them for defying orders of the minister.


"I have repeatedly requested you to replace these two bureaucrats with better officers as these are very critical departments. I am sure that there must be some compulsion at your end because of which you are unable to do that despite promising me many times that you would replace them. In the interest of the people of Delhi, I again urge you to kindly replace them at the earliest,” reads the letter written by CM Kejriwal.

Earlier, VK Saxena in his letter addressed to Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal, referred to the Delhi High Court’s remarks on the hospital infrastructure and wrote, “I am writing to express my deep disappointment and concern with regard to the pathetic state of hospitals under the Health Department. Even as tall claims to the contrary have been made consistently by you and your ministers, recent media reports highlighting the scathing observations made by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court on the dismal state of affairs in Delhi’s government hospitals, have brought to the fore, a rot that seems to have become deep-rooted.”

The Delhi LG further added, “It paints a deeply troubling picture. There have been frequent reports of neglect, filth, lack of basic amenities in several hospitals, wherein the Health Minister has taken to the social media to take corrective measures, but to no avail. There are ample funds available at your disposal, as indeed the best medical manpower in the city. Such a situation leaves little scope or space of inaction and failures and finding alibis thereto.” 


Published February 4th, 2024 at 18:40 IST