Updated January 7th, 2024 at 11:44 IST

Noida Road Safety Campaign: Traffic Police Issues Record E-Challans For Traffic Offenders In A Day

On January 4, the Noida Traffic Police relaunched the road safety initiative. Traffic violators will be fined and could also lose their driving licence.

Reported by: Shweta Parande
Noida Road Safety Campaign | Representational Image | Image:PTI

Noida: The Noida Traffic Police has ramped up its road safety campaign in continuation with similar initiatives in December 2023. As part of its road safety campaign, the Noida Traffic Police has issued a record number of E-Challans in a day.

The Noida Traffic Police’s December campaign lasted for 15 days. On January 4, the traffic cops launched the road safety initiative again.


On the first day itself, the Noida Traffic Police issued E-Challans to 3,453 people who broke the traffic rules, it has been reported. These E-Challans were issued across Noida and Greater Noida. 

Of these, 540 E-Challans were issued to bike riders caught without a helmet, and to 112 car drivers who were caught without a seatbelt. 


Moreover, 443 challans were issued for unauthorised parking, though it is not clear whether it was for two-wheelers or four-wheelers or both.

The road safety campaign also involved issuing E-Challans for 266 people for driving on the wrong side of the road, while 215 people were caught over-speeding. 


Among those fined were the owners of 67 vehicles with faulty registration plates. Another 17 people were fined for riding with expired fitness certificates.

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched a traffic initiative in Gautam Buddh Nagar, Noida, as a part of which the Noida Traffic Police has issued an advisory to vehicle owners and drivers to be cautious.


Driving licence could be cancelled

The Noida Traffic Police has further warned that it could cancel the driving licence of traffic violators if more than three challans are issued to them.


"In line with instructions given by the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety and as per the decision taken in the meeting of Uttar Pradesh Road Safety Council, action will be taken to cancel the licence of a person who gets more than three challans in a row for offences like red light jumping, over speed, overloading, carrying passengers in goods vehicles, use of mobile phone while driving, or drunken driving," the Noida Police had said during the December campaign.


Published January 7th, 2024 at 11:44 IST