Updated February 13th, 2024 at 16:24 IST

On Camera: Farmers Damage Flyover, Throw Barricades Near Shambhu Border | WATCH

Several videos of the protestors damaging the non-concrete safety barriers of of the flyover and throwing barricades surfaced from the Shambhu border.

Farmers' protest at Shambhu border | Image:ANI

Chandigarh: The farmers’ agitation march on Tuesday turned a bit violent, after they were stopped at the Punjab and Haryana Shambhu border in an effort to stop them from marching towards Delhi. Miffed with the blocking of the road with barricades on a flyover, a group of protestors vandalised the safety barriers installed on the side railing of the flyover. Not only this, they also started throwing barricades from the flyover.

Several videos of them damaging the non-concrete safety barriers of the side railing of the flyover also surfaced, wherein the protestors allegedly were captured damaging the barriers of the flyover and throwing it down.


Tear gas shells were used control the situation

Not only this, the protesting crowd also threw a few barricades to clear their route to march forward. In the viral videos, people can be seen throwing barricades from the flyover.


As per information, the protestors kept shouting slogans against the state police and state governments and kept mounting pressure to clear their route.


Meanwhile, the police resorted to tear gas shells to control the situation and stop the protestors from further damaging the flyover and barricades.

The farmers’ from Punjab and Haryana are on their agitation march to Delhi to press for their demands to the central government. They had confirmed their protest march to Delhi on February 13, after the meeting with three Union Ministers on Monday didn’t lead to any conclusion in Chandigarh. 


Published February 13th, 2024 at 16:14 IST