Updated March 5th, 2024 at 14:35 IST

Telangana: 6-lane Highway to Decongest Madeenaguda-Sangareddy Stretch. Here's How

The project is expected to boost connectivity in Telangana as it will link major industrial centres in the state.

Reported by: Digital Desk
The project is expected to boost connectivity in Telangana. (Representative image) | Image:ANI/Representative

Sangareddy: In a significant development to boost connectivity and ease traffic congestion in Telangana, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will construct two six-lane roads to decongest the National Highway-65 from Madeenaguda in Hyderabad to Pothireddypally junction in Sangareddy district. 

The roads will cater to over one lakh passenger carriage vehicles flow in a day, in addition to the two-wheelers on the existing road. The traffic is expected to go up in the coming years.


The contract for surveying the road for the 31-km stretch was given to Jindal Consultancy. The firm is expected to submit its survey report within six months. According to sources, a six-lane highway will come up from Madeenaguda to Pothireddypally.  The vehicles bound to Zaheerabad and Mumbai will have to take this road as there would be no chance to get down until the 31-KM road ends near Sangareddy. Meanwhile, another six-lane carriageway will be constructed to curb the local traffic along the highway. 

Given that the city has been spreading towards Sangareddy town rapidly, traffic congestion was reported at many places such as in Lingampally, Patancheru, Isnapur, Sangarddy among a few other places. As the NHAI was not having sufficient land at Rudraram, Kandi and other places along the current NH-65, the NHAI would need to acquire a few acres of land for taking up the project. 


As a part of the survey, the Jindal firm will also prepare a detailed report on the number of acres of land that need to be acquired. They will also figure out the number of underpasses that need to be built along the 31-KM road.

The commuters have been facing severe traffic issues while travelling on the road, especially during the peak hours. The proposed road projects are expected to save commuters’ time and fuel. The NHAI will start the process of finalising the tenders soon after a detailed project road is submitted to them.


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