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How Tech CEO Dhruv Agarwala Lose 71 Kg Of Body Weight In Just 2 Years? Shocking Secret Revealed

With determination and resilience, the Singapore-based entrepreneur Dhruv Agarwala began on a holistic journey towards wellness, read more

Reported by: Rishi Shukla
CEO Dhruv Agarwala before and after weight loss | Image:Facebook

Viral News: Dhruv Agarwala, the CEO of Housing.com, has revealed the details of his inspiring weight loss journey over the course of 2 years.

The entire journey of Agarwala's weight loss transformation started in 2021, during a trip to India. 


Mistaking heartburn for a heart attack, the CEO found himself in the emergency room, confronted with the harsh reality of his health condition.

Agarwala revealed the secrets and hard work behind shedding a staggering 71 kg of body weight in just 2 years.


Weighing a shocking 151.7 kilograms, Agarwala was diabetic, diagnosed with high cholesterol and high blood pressure for four years, and bugged by sleep disorder. 

These health issues were nothing short of a wake-up call, challenging Agarwala towards a life-altering decision.


Overhaul of Lifestyle:
With determination and resilience, the Singapore-based entrepreneur began on a holistic journey towards wellness. Over the course of two years, Agarwala underwent a radical transformation, coming down from 152 kg to 80 kg and so on.

Inspiration from Sporting Legend:
Agarwala drew inspiration from the iconic tennis legend, Roger Federer, whose dedication to physical fitness and mental wellness motivated Dhruv Agarwal. 


Accepting healthy lifestyles and letting go unhealthy dietary habits, Dhruv Agarwala's weight loss journey inspires many who would like to ditch unhealthy lifecycle and start fresh.





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