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In Alleged Case of Love Jihad in Gwalior, Man Rapes Girl, Feeds Her With Beef & Forces to Convert

In an alleged ‘Love Jihad’ case from Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior, a married man allegedly abducted a Hindu girl, fed her with beef, and raped her for 3 years.

Reported by: Abhishek Tiwari
Alleged case of Love Jihad surfaces from Madhya Pradesh's Gwalior | Image:PTI/ Representational

Gwalior: In an alleged ‘Love Jihad’ case from Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior, a married man Sabir Khan allegedly abducted a girl from Hindu community, held her hostage, beaten up and raped her for over three years. Not only this, the victim also claimed that she was forcefully fed beef and was being constantly pressured by the accused to convert to Islam. Allegedly the accused used to blackmail her, whenever she tried to run away to her house by threatening to commit suicide and implicate her brother and father by writing a “suicide note”.

In her complaint, the 27-year-old victim, a resident of Gwalior’s Taraganj, stated that during her captivity, accused Sabir Khan physically assaulted her with unnatural acts. The victim has filed a complaint in this regard at the Bahodapur police station and has sought action against the accused and his family, who lived at some distance from her house. It is being said that accused Sabir is a married man and a father of 2 children.


Police are on prowl to nab the accused

As per the complaint filed by the victim, Sabir Khan had first approached her in October 2021, following which he developed a friendship with her and started communicating with her. The victim, however, ended her friendship with him after he got married. But, the accused kept approaching and harassing her.


Sabir Khan allegedly threatened her of commiting suicide and implicate her father and brother in the suicide note. On this, the victim got scared and began talking to him again.

One day he called the victim to meet him and subsequently, took her to an isolated place in Bahodapur and sexually assaulted her by threatening to kill her. He then forcibly took her to his house and held her hostage preventing her from going to her house.


Reportedly, the victim in her complaint mentioned that the accused used to pressurise her to convert to Islam everyday, and on refusal, he and his family members used to physically assault her. She was even forcibly fed beef on several occasions and was subjected to unnatural acts. In her complaint, she also alleged that Sabir’s father, brother, mother and his wife used to beat her up. They allegedly attempted to kill her, but somehow the landlord saved her and she managed to escape from there.

A case has been reportedly registered by the Bahodapur police against all the accused and an investigation has been initiated. All the accused are claimed to be absconding after the registration of the FIR. The police are searching for them. 


Published April 28th, 2024 at 23:12 IST