Updated May 1st, 2024 at 19:34 IST

Indian Couple Compensated over Rs 2 Lakh for 'Mental Agony' from Non-Reclining Business-Class Seats

An Indian couple cited the 'mental agony and physical suffering' gone through by them during their five-hour flight.

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Indian Couple Compensated over Rs 2 Lakh for 'Mental Agony' from Non-Reclining Business-Class Seats | Image:Pexels

New Delhi: A couple paid $800 each for business class seats for a trip to Australia from Hyderabad in Singapore Airlines, according to the New York Post. Despite shelling out an exorbitant price, the couple had to go through a nightmare while travelling to their destination on the plane, as per New York Post. 

The Indian couple discovered that their seats were faulty during their long and tiresome journey. The incident happened last year. 


The couple complained that their seats would only manually recline and not automatically. According to reports, they slammed the airline for the “mental agony and physical suffering” gone through by them during the 5-hour flight with a layover in Singapore.

The couple termed their feelings of being treated like “economy-class passengers” rather than paying an exorbitant price for roomy business-class accommodation. In court documents, they alleged that were forced to stay awake throughout the journey.


In a statement to The Independent, Singapore Airlines confirmed the “faulty” automatic recline feature in their seats. “Our crew proactively checked in on these customers regularly and offered to manually recline the seat when needed,” a spokesperson told the media outlet, as per New York Post.

“As it was a full flight, SIA staff unfortunately could not reseat the customers elsewhere in the Business Class cabin.” The spokesperson also mentioned that there were “no issues” on their connecting flight to Perth, Australia.


To compensate for their torturous experience, the couple were offered 10,000 frequent flyer miles. However, they declined the offer and sued Singapore Airlines.

They were awarded $2,400 (Rs 2,00,405 approximately) in court at the end of April, according to the report in New York Post. 


Published May 1st, 2024 at 19:34 IST