Updated March 28th, 2024 at 07:25 IST

'Jitna PAV ho, Utna Hi CHEDDAR...': Enjoy A Laugh Break With This Hilarious Tweet From Harsh Goenka

Famous industrialist Harsh Goenka is making headlines again because of a tweet. This time, he uploaded an image of "cheese" and "pav" that quickly becomes viral

Reported by: Pritam Saha
Harsh Goenka Hillarious Tweet | Image:X

Viral: Every time businessman Harsh Goenka posts something on social media, it quickly gets viral on social media. Goenka's tweet has once again put him back in the headlines. This time, he uploaded a photo that went viral that featured the image of "cheese" and "pav". Actually, Twitter users are really liking the original caption he wrote for this post. Similar to Goenka, the majority of users are becoming creative and providing feedback.

Hillarious Tweet

Goenka captioned the photo he posted of Pav and Cheese on X, the former Twitter platform, saying, "jitna PAV ho... Utna hi CHEDDAR failana chahiye." People are enjoying his inventive post. On this, users are also providing feedbacks. One user commented, saying, "I love how creative and inspirational your tweets are. Thank you so much for sharing them." 

Other Users Followed Goenka

Like Goenka, the majority of users are expressing their creativity in their comments. "It is because of this 'cheese' that I follow your tweets, sir," a person wrote in response to a picture of the cheese that was shared. Simultaneously, a different user wrote to Goenka, suggesting that he enlarge the sheet and then spread the pav completely, or that even if the sheet is small, he can still spread the pav completely.

Goenka had previously posted a video of someone explaining his background and qualifications in a very humorous way. On Twitter, this post of his also caused a sensation. Let us inform you that Goenka consistently tweets humorous content every day. Furthermore, it is also greatly enjoyed by his followers.


Published February 17th, 2024 at 14:23 IST