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JMM Matlab Jam Kar Ke Khao: PM's Scathing Attack on INDI in Jharkhand's Dhanbad

PM Modi corners JMM, Congress while addressing rally in Dhanbad, Jharkhand

Reported by: Apoorva Shukla
PM Modi addresses rally in Jharkhand's Dhanbad | Image:X@BJP4India

PM Modi Dhanbad Rally: Prime Minister Narendra Modi cornered the ruling JMM over the issue of corruption while addressing a rally in Jharkhand's Dhanbad on Friday, March 1. PM Modi said that the parties of INDI alliance are only concerned about their families and accused them of looting the poor tribals of the state. 

Making an election pitch, PM Modi said that he will return to the chair with over seats. PM Modi said, “The slogan of '400 paar' is being raised because the country has faith in Modi's guarantee.” PM Modi slammed the ruling JMM-Congress for deteriorating condition of the Jharkhand and accused the parties of looting poor tribals of the state. PM said that the Congress and JMM are the biggest enemy of development. 


The prime minister in Jharkhand inaugurated and laid the foundation for projects worth Rs 35,700 crore in Jharkhand. 

Congress Slams JMM for corruption 

Slamming the JMM, PM Modi recalled the huge stack of cash which was recovered by the central agency during raids. "JMM-Congress leaders are busy filling their safe vaults. They have created mountains of unnamed properties by looting you. We had seen heaps of coal, but heaps of cash were seen for the first time, said PM Modi. 

Congress and its alliance parties are the biggest enemies of development. Congress and its allies only think about their family members, said the prime minister. 


PM Modi said that the Opposition parties are acting as obstacles in the good work being done for the poor people of the state. “They are creating obstacles in making houses for the poor. The alliance government is anti-development and anti-people. Their only vision is to snatch the rights of the people and enjoy,” sai d PM Modi. 

INDI Uses Tribals as Vote Bank, Alleges PM 

In a mega outreach to the tribal population of the state, PM asserted that the BJP is  committed to serving the tribal communities and protecting their rights. PM Modi recalled how former prime minister Atal Vihari Vajpayee allowed the creation of Jharkhand, fulfilling decades old demand. 

“JMM and Congress have only considered the tribals as their vote bank. Poor tribals have been looted by the members of INDI alliance. They will never let the talented people of the tribal communities come forward because they only think of their families. But Modi is doing everything for your future. You are my family and the future of your children is my guarantee,” said PM Modi. 


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