Updated January 4th, 2024 at 17:19 IST

Exclusive/ Kashmiri Boy's Mesmerizing Eyes Steal the Spotlight at A Global Campaign

A tech giant honored five-year-old Kupwara resident Faizan Ahmad Lone for his irresistible charm, showcasing him prominently in their latest advertisement.

Reported by: Arawat Mehraj
Edited by: Kriti Dhingra

SRINAGAR: Nestled amidst the tranquil embrace of Kupwara in North Kashmir –  emerges the captivating tale of five-year-old Faizan Ahmad Lone – a narrative woven with resilience, charisma, and unexpected recognition.

Faizan's captivating eyes wield a magnetic charm over this serene corner of Kashmir, drawing the world's gaze. Yet, concealed within this magnetic allure lies a family's extraordinary fortitude amid unique challenges given that both of Faizan's parents and his sister are deaf, making his grandfather the anchor of their lives. 


Faizan's father, a dedicated laborer, weaves a tapestry of love and determination, nurturing their unconventional yet tightly-knit household.

Republic ventured behind the scenes along with Kashmir-based photojournalist Junaid Bhat, and learnt about the vital link between Faizan and the technology giant. Reflecting on their encounter, Junaid shared: "Encountering Faizan during an assignment in Kupwara's border village, I was captivated by his gaze. An impromptu visit to his home unveiled a family grappling with financial hardships." 


Fate intervened when a technology giant sought a unique face for an advertisement. Recollecting Faizan's touching tale, Junaid facilitated a heartwarming collaboration, illuminating a journey from local anonymity to global prominence.

Only recently, a tech giant had honored Faizan's irresistible charm, showcasing him prominently in their latest advertisement. This heightened exposure propels the remarkable child onto the global stage, steering his narrative toward widespread recognition.


Beyond the glimmer of internet fame, Faizan exudes genuine gratitude and pure joy. To him, this newfound "celebrity" status is an unexpected blessing. "The daily sight of my pictures online fills me with immense happiness," Faizan earnestly reveals.

Faizan's journey – from his village's tranquility to international acclaim – paints a compelling narrative of destiny's turns and subsequent transformations, sparked by empathy. It transcends boundaries, putting a spotlight on resilience and strength so deeply inter-woven within the fabric of such familial bonds.




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