Updated February 26th, 2024 at 18:43 IST

Kashmiri Youth Ensnared In Russian Military Amid Job Scam

The pursuit of a job opportunity in Dubai, orchestrated by a Mumbai-based YouTuber, turned into coercion and confinement within the Russian military

Reported by: Arawat Mehraj
Edited by: Shweta Singh
Kashmiri Youth Ensnared in Russian Military Amid Job Scam | Image:Republic

Jammu & Kashmir:  A deceptive job offer from a Mumbai YouTuber plunges Kashmiri youth Azad Yousuf Kumar into involuntary service with the Russian military, leaving his family in anguish and pleading for his safe return.

Originally hailing from Tral in South Kashmir, Azad's pursuit of a job opportunity in Dubai, orchestrated by a Mumbai-based YouTuber, turned into a nightmare of coercion and confinement within the Russian military ranks. With mounting desperation, Azad's family beseeches Prime Minister Narendra Modi to urgently intervene and secure Azad's repatriation to India. Despite lacking combat training, Azad finds himself stationed near the Ukraine border, armed and assigned tasks beyond his comprehension.


In an exclusive interview with Republic, Azad recounts his traumatic ordeal, detailing injuries sustained and months of captivity in a foreign land, unaware of the loss of his 18-month-old child. His plea for repatriation reverberates with urgency and despair.

Azad reveals that he and others were duped into joining the Russian army upon arrival in Russia, coerced without understanding the documents they were made to sign, which were not in English. Despite repeated appeals for repatriation, Azad and his compatriots are met with false assurances, trapped in a cycle of exploitation and fear.


Azad discloses the dire conditions they endure, forced to the front line despite extreme weather, with casualties among their ranks. Communication with their families is severely restricted, adding to their distress. In a heartfelt appeal to Prime Minister Modi, Azad implores for assistance, lamenting their forced participation in war activities.

Azad's family echoes his plea, expressing grave concern for his safety and urging swift action from the Indian government to facilitate his return.


Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir Students Association reveals efforts by Indian authorities to engage with Russian counterparts for the repatriation of Azad and his associate, Zahoor Ahmad, underscoring ongoing diplomatic efforts to address the crisis.



Published February 26th, 2024 at 18:22 IST