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'Kidnapping, Wrongful Confinement': Charges Against Rich Brat's Grandfather | Key Details Inside

In a major action following the nationwide outrage, the Pune cops arrested the underworld-linked grandfather of the super brat who killed two.

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'Kidnapping, Wrongful Confinement': Charges Against Rich Brat's Grandfather | Key Details Inside | Image:Republic

Pune: In a major action following the nationwide outrage over police inaction in the Porsche crash case, the Pune cops arrested the underworld-linked grandfather of the super brat who crashed his luxury car, killing two young IT professionals on Sunday, May 19. 

The Police action was subsequent to driver's admission that he was was wrongfully confined, threatened and told to take the blame for the accident by the grandfather, said sources in the police, adding that he was warned of dire consequences if he fails to comply. 


The Police said that efforts were made by the family of the accused to pin blame on the driver moments after the accident. After the accident, the grandfather locked up the driver and asked him to take the blame as the family tried to shield the minor. He also told him that the family would ensure his early release too, the sources added.

The grandfather and father of the accused also took driver's phone in their custody and put him in the confinement on the premises of their bungalow from May 19 to 20. The driver was later freed by the wife. 


‘Kidnapping, Wrongful Confinement’: Charges Against Grandfather 

The grandfather of the super rich brat has been charged under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) including 342, 365 and 368 for  kidnapping and wrongful confinement of the driver at the premises of his bungalow. The father of the accused has also been charged under the same charges in a new FIR filed in the Yerawada Police Station. 

The driver detailed the minutes of the case to the police and said, “When I was going home from Yerawada Police Station, Surendra Agarwal (Grandfather) called me. After threatening me in their BMW car and bringing it to their bungalow at Bramha Sun City, Surendra Agarwal and Vishal Agarwal (father of super rich brat) colluded with each other and threatened me by taking away my mobile phone and keeping it in their bungalow with the intention of hiding it illegally and threatened that the crime committed by their son must be seen as committed by me.”

Pune Porsche Crash: Rich Brat's Fatal Crash 

The Porsche, driven at 200 km per hour by the accused, rammed into the bike, killing the rider and pillion, two young IT professionals named Ashwini Kostha and Anish Awadhiya. 


Pune Police claimed that the 17-year-old accused, son of a prominent Pune builder, was heavily drunk at the time of the accident. However, the time gap between bringing him to the custody and taking blood samples have raised concerns of lapses in the probe of the fatal accident.

The super rich brat was granted bail within 15 hours of the accident on the conditions of writing a 300 word essay on road accident, set by the Juvenile Justice Board. Amid the nationwide outrage seeking justice for the family of the victim, the board later modified the order and sent him to an observation home till a police plea for permission to try him as an adult is decided. The boy's father and staff of two bars the teenager visited that night were also arrested under relevant sections of the Juvenile Justice Act.


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