Updated May 3rd, 2024 at 20:42 IST

Maharashtra Man Hears Sound From Toilet Seat, Discovers 10-feet-long Snake

In Maharashtra, a man was startled by a sound coming from his toilet seat. He found a 10-feet-long snake inside.

Reported by: Navya Dubey
Man Found 10-feet-long Snake In Toilet Seat | Image:X

Maharashtra: A incident took place at a house, when a man heard a hissing sound from the toilet seat. The man couldn’t believe his eyes after he peeped inside the toilet bowl.

A viral video capturing the incident has gone viral. According to reports, a Maharashtra resident heard a hissing noise emanating from his toilet seat. Upon investigation, he was surprised to discover a snake inside. Instead of a typical plumbing issue or debris, the source of the sound was a snake. Swiftly, the man reached out to snake catcher Sheetal Kasar for assistance.


Sheetal, an expert in snake catching, shared this video on Instagram, in which she said that this snake is not poisonous. Their height is about 9 to 10 feet. She claimed that it was a “Dhaman (Indian Rat Snake), which is non-poisonous in nature”. It can be seen in the video that the snake is slowly taken out of the toilet. As soon as it came out, even the family members were surprised to see its long height. In such a situation, the snake catcher caught it in her hands and came out of the house. She explained the colour and shape of the snake in the caption section of the post.


She claimed that this snake is usually found in long elastic bodies in various colour shades. “They have black lines like stitches on their face and they move very agilely,” wrote Sheetal Kasar. The snake is mainly found in rat bales and human settlements. These snakes are non-poisonous and usually feed on rats and frogs.



Published May 3rd, 2024 at 20:42 IST