Updated February 22nd, 2024 at 07:47 IST

Maharashtra: 8,000 Resident Doctors to Go on State-Wide Indefinite Strike From Today

Some 8,000 resident doctors will be going on a state-wide indefinite strike from today at 5 pm.

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Mumbai: Medical professionals from Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors Central (MARD) will go on a state-wide indefinite strike from today starting at 5 pm, demanding better hostel accommodation, hike in stipend and clearance of arrears.

"Around 8,000 resident doctors across the state will be on strike, demanding better hostel accommodation, a hike in stipend, and clearance of arrears," MARD President Dr Abhijit Helge.


This comes as a similar protest was organised earlier, but was called off due to faith in the government, said the president.

"We, the Central MARD, had kept our faith in the government's words and called off our strike multiple times previously. Despite the distressing situation of resident doctors, the benefit of doubt was always given to the authority, and we entrusted them to do the right thing in timely manner to ensure the welfare of Resident doctors. However regardless of our innumerable pleas, it seems our genuine concerns have fallen on deaf ears. Having been pushed to the limit by the cruel disregard towards the resident doctor's legitimate demands, we, the Representative Body of the Resident doctors are left with no choice but to go on a pan-Maharashtra indefinite strike."


However, the emergency services will remain operational to ensure that proper and provisional medical care is being provided to the people despite strike.


Published February 22nd, 2024 at 07:47 IST