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MEA Processing SIT's Request To Cancel Prajwal Revanna's Diplomatic Passport

Prajwal Revanna is currently embroiled in sex tape case, which is being probed by SIT, and is believed to have fled the country on April 27.

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Prajwal Revanna Case: Victims Forced to Leave Homes As Sexual Assault Videos Get Circulated | Image:PTI

New Delhi: The Ministry of External Affairs is processing the request of cancellation of Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna's diplomatic passport. Revanna is currently embroiled in sex tape case, which is being probed by SIT, and is believed to have fled the country on April 27, a day after Hassan went to polls. 

A ‘Blue Corner Notice’ seeking information on his whereabouts has already been issued by Interpol, following a request by the SIT via the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). A Special Court for Elected Representatives issued an arrest warrant on Saturday against Prajwal Revanna, following an application moved by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up by the state government to probe the serial sex abuse charges against the MP.


Following the warrant, the SIT had urged the foreign ministry to revoke Revanna's diplomatic passport. The External Affairs Ministry said that it has received a letter from the Karnataka government regarding cancellation of Prajwal Revanna's diplomatic passport and it is being processed, said sources on Thursday. 


"The MEA has received a letter from the Karnataka government for cancellation of diplomatic passport in respect of MP Prajwal Revanna. This is being processed," said sources. 


Earlier this month, MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said Revanna travelled to Germany on a diplomatic passport and did not seek political clearance for the trip. "No political clearance was either sought from or issued by MEA in respect of the travel of the said MP to Germany," Jaiswal had said. 

Earlier in the day, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah also wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging to ensure Revanna's return to the country. In his second letter to the Prime Minister, dated May 22, Siddaramaiah said that Prajwal Revanna fled the country using his diplomatic passport "shortly after news of his henious actions emerged and just few hours before the first FIR was filed against him." Siddaramaiah said that he has abused his privileges to escape. "He has abused his diplomatic privileges to flee the country and to escape criminal proceedings," said the Karnataka CM in his letter.


"...Such abuse of privileges and deliberate acts of non-coperation with the legal proceedings deserve serious action by the Central government or its instrumentalities so as to secure the presence of the accused to face investigation and trial," the letter read.


Siddaramaiah highlighted that several actions have been taken by the SIT to secure Prajwal Revanna's return to India, including Look Out Circular and a Blue Corner Notice. I urge you to secure Prajwal Revanna's return to the country in the interest of the public, the letter read. 




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