Updated March 3rd, 2024 at 21:49 IST

Weather Update: Mumbai to Experience Dip in Temperatures in the Coming Week?

The upcoming week may bring respite from the sweltering heat to Mumbaikars, as a dip in temperature has been forecast.

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Mumbai to Experience Dip in Temperature in Upcoming Week? | Image:PTI/ Representational

Mumbai: The upcoming week is going to bring respite from the sweltering heat for Mumbaikars, as there is going to be a dip in the temperature. In next couple of days,  temperatures are likely to drop with maximum temperature predicted at 29-30°C and minimum temperature to be recorded at 17-18°C. 

Maximum temperatures in Mumbai are expected to drop below 30°C by March 3–4 due to the strengthening of the Western Disturbance!


A popular account on X, Mumbai Rains predicted, “Worried about consistent 35°C+ temperatures? Western Disturbance has strengthened, maximum Temperatures to fall in Mumbai directly below 30°C near March 3-4.”

It added, “As per the forecast, it was promised near 1-2 March WD will get active, will be dominant for next 4-5 days, thus Mumbai will get respite from heat, and it's happening.”


However, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has not yet put out a forecast.


Meanwhile, another popular weather twitter account Mumbai Weather stated, “Chance of light rains for Mumbai next 24 hours. Temperatures will also drop with max temp of 29-30°C and min temp 17-18°C next couple of days. Temperatures in Suburbs around National Park and Thane interiors will drop to 14-15°C.” 

The maximum and minimum temperatures in Mumbai have been surging for the past week. Mumbai residents experienced chilly mornings and hot afternoons. The city and its suburbs experienced unseasonal rainfall, even as the maximum continued to hover at least four degrees above normal on Friday. 

Mumbai experienced a temperature of 37°C in Mumbai on Wednesday and Thursday that is February 28-29.


Meanwhile, on Monday, February 26, a maximum temperature of 37.5°C was recorded at the Santacruz centre of IMD in Mumbai.  

Mumbai witnessed the season's highest temperature of the year last Monday. 


Published March 3rd, 2024 at 21:34 IST