Updated February 24th, 2024 at 19:41 IST

'Mysterious' Light-Emitting Object Falls From the Sky, Causes Panic in Nashik Town

Upon closer examination, local police authorities in Nashik determined that the mysterious object was a malfunctioning weather monitoring device.

Reported by: Digital Desk
The object was later discovered to be a part of a weather balloon. | Image:AP

NASHIK: An unsual event unfolded in Nashik's Lasalgaon on Friday when an object supposedly resembling a battery fell out of the sky in a field belonging to a local farmer, causing considerable concern amongst the locals. Local reports mention that the device appeared to be emitting light and its sudden appearance caused locals to swiftly evacuate the area as concern grew over the nature of the device and the threat it could possess. 

Shortly thereafter, the Lasalgaon Police was notified about the incident and a team was sent over to assess the situation. Not too long after, the police officials determined that the ‘mysterious’ electrical device was, in fact, some kind of malfunctioning weather monitoring device. 


India Meteorological Department officials quoted in a report by The Free Press Journal said that the device was likely a weather monitoring device called a ‘Radiosonde’ which was released by the Indian Coast Guard and that there was nothing to panic about. 


Published February 24th, 2024 at 19:09 IST