Updated May 13th, 2024 at 09:18 IST

3 Injured After Lift Brakes Fail, Reaches Top Floor Smashing Against Roof At Noida High-Rise

Three occupants of the lift were injured in the lift malfunction at the Paras Tierra Society in Sector 137.

Reported by: Digital Desk
The brakes of a lift failed and it shot through the roof of the top floor. | Image:Video Screengrab

Noida: In a tragic incident that unfolded on Sunday night at the Paras Tierea Society in Noida Sector 137, three people were injured after a lift malfunctioned in the housing complex. The malfunction occurred at Tower-5, where the brakes of the lift failed abruptly as it started climbing while occupants were exiting on the fourth floor. The lift, with no control, reached straight to the 25th floor and smashed against the roof.

The incident happened just months after an elderly woman died in a lift crash at the high-rise complex that triggered panic among its residents. The woman was alone in the lift when its wire snapped, leading to a free fall.


Three people, including two women, present in the lift were injured, the residents said. The two lifts at the tower have been closed and residents have been asked to use the stairs.

Multiple instances of lift malfunctions resulting in fatalities have occurred in Noida over the past year. Such incidents has even prompted the Uttar Pradesh government passing a law for proper maintenance of lifts to prevent such tragedies.


The incident has sparked allegations of lax maintenance practices, with residents pointing fingers at the lack of regular upkeep as the root cause of the malfunction. The authorities, including the police, have initiated an investigation into the technical fault that led to this harrowing event. They have assured the public that all necessary measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the residents and that those responsible will be held accountable.

The incident reportedly occurred due to a technical fault and the authorities, including the police, have initiated an investigation into the technical fault that led to this harrowing event. The incident has sparked allegations of lack of regular maintenance that led to the lift malfunction.


Issuing a statement about the incident, the Apartment Owners Association of Paras Tierea Society said, "We will demand an investigation into this entire incident from the architects and builders. The safety of the residents is our first priority. We will take all necessary steps so that such incidents do not happen in future."


Published May 13th, 2024 at 09:17 IST